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Why are children not grateful nowadays?

Just like our parents used to say to us that we don’t respect nor were we of utility as per them. Hence, it’s not the karma we’re talking about. ūüėÄ But that’s how the children are. They’re a clean slate and for meaning. They can see far better than us. Children will always be ahead of their parents. Their perspective, adaptability, inclination toward smart work, and passion for exploration at a global platform shall place them rightfully in a coming couple of decades.

This doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Our job as parents, teachers and pre-schoolers is to re-direct their energy and not compress, block or kill it. For them being grateful is meaningless for them, it an unproductive work. They feel too shy to say thanks with eye contact.


At Shanti Juniors, we call this as “Sanskaar” (values). When we talk about holistic development of child, we also talk about life values and how to be a good human being. We give the taste of their own medicine, if you like to listen very good, then say it to others too.. If you like someone saying thank you and sorry, then say it to others too. And how you attract your surrounding and the universe adding energy to your skills and passion.


This also keeps children humble, friendly and empathetic. They learn to respect all the category of the people and appreciate their work and contribution to the society. Be it cobbler, liftman, carpenter, cleaner, doctor or any random service provider around us. This keeps them approachable and learn things better than any other children.


Let your child also explore at Shanti Juniors. The three-way development, that is Sanskaar, Saakshar & Saksham.

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