4 Ways to Teach Seasons to Children

4 Ways to Teach Seasons to Children

4 Ways to Teach Seasons to Children!

Seasons play a huge role in our day to day life. A change in season affects the adults as well, but for children, it might be a different story altogether. Children at an early age are not aware of what the seasons are, but they notice changes that occur. They are curious about it. Hence, it is a good idea to talk to them and teach them about seasons at an early age. This will not only help further their education but also help them cope with changes that come along with them.

Parents and teachers can adopt the following 4 ways to familiarize them with seasons:


1.Number of Seasons

It is prudent that one must start with the number of seasons that occur, to begin with. This is necessary as different countries often have different seasons. A friend or relative of yours might be staying in a different country, and the child might get confused about why they are experiencing a different season. The number of seasons sets a base for the child to work with and experience on a daily basis. This also allows you to teach them about how different seasons are different all over the world.


Teach your child different seasons that occur in India and it will surely fascinate your child.


2. Characteristics of Seasons

Once you have taught your children and explained to them about the number of seasons, the next step is to teach them about the characteristics of each season. It will be fascinating for them to know how cold is associated with winter, warmness with summer, and rains with the monsoon. While further information might be too advanced for them, the characteristics will help them understand why people behave in a certain way in each season. Children often question the need to wear certain clothes in certain months, explanation regarding seasons might quench their thirst.


3. Holidays in Each Season

The explanation part might not be difficult, but it is important that the child understand that as well as remember it. An activity to help with that is to associate holidays with different seasons. A Mix-n-match box that places different holidays in different seasons can serve as a learning, and playtime activity for your children. It ends up serving the dual purpose of teaching kids about holidays along with the seasons.


4. Favourite Food for each Season


Another method to help with remembering and teaching your child about seasons is food. Every family and child has a few special dishes that they love. Mangoes are a favourite amongst many children. Mangoes are associated with the arrival of the summer season. In a similar manner, different fruits, vegetables as well as special dishes are consumed more often in a particular season. Interacting with your kids about food and associating that with different seasons can help them remember the seasons quickly.

There are various games and activities available on the internet apart from these methods to help teach kids about seasons. These methods though, serve multiple purposes and helps develop communication with children, as you talk to them about food, seasons, and holidays. Talking and listening skills are developed, and those skills are your friends in all seasons.

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