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Welcome to Shanti Juniors

At Shanti Juniors Preschool our stimulating environment and culturally appropriate curricular programs are thoughtfully designed to foster the holistic development of children. We make them understand the basics step by step so that their learning foundation becomes strong. Shanti Juniors has all the facilities for our little toddlers eg. AC Rooms, Age appropriate games, high qualified Teachers, CCTV, Transport facility, Mobile App based le

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Ten Table Manners For Children

It is a crucial element that will form a part of your child and help him/her grow and prosper in social situations. Good manners help your children a...

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Five Science Projects For Preschoolers

Believe it or not, but there are so many science-related activities which can be done with preschoolers or taught to them. All children including pre...

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Creating A Daily Home Schedule While Kids Are At Home During Covid19

So, it is essential that schedule must be made for children to keep them active, entertained and learning while they are in the safety of their homes...

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Eight Tips to Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The way child is all curled up, lying in the bed with a rug over him/her dreaming away is a sight to behold. It’s an endearing sight for all parents....

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Why Should You Prefer Early Education For Your Child?

Every parent wants their child to receive the best possible start for a bright future. In such a scenario, it is important to discuss the importance ...

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Handling Physical Aggression In Children

All of us have a feeling of immense irritation and exasperation from time to time. This applies to children as well. Children also feel anger, frustr...

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