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Welcome to Shanti Juniors

Shanti Juniors Vaishali Nagar is the most preferred Preschool for parents residing in and around Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. This School is Managed by Educationists Mr. Dhruv Sharma and Ms. Priyam Sharma who believe, "Concentrated and Careful Nurturing at the tender age of 2-6 Years adds to the personality of each child and also helps them to become a good citizen for the rest of his/her life". The franchise comes under the purview of Shanti Educ

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    Five Benefits of Routine For Kids

    Without a routine, we become unorganized and confused. But routine is particularly important for children. We, humans, are full of fear of the unknow...

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    Four Ways to Stop Thumb Sucking In Children

    It is as if the moment they have discovered their fingers and thumb, they become obsessed with it. Once children get into the habit of sucking their ...

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