Hello All,

My name is Aarav Sharma. I study at Shanti Juniors School. I love going to the school as I love my teacher and I love my school because it has a big play area. My Mommy drops me to the school and while entering the school, I get happy seeing my Teachers welcoming me and my friends by saying “Good Morning”. I too greet my Teachers “Good Morning Ma’am”. After this, I and all my friends gather in assembly and we all pray together. After finishing the prayer, I go to my classroom which is full of toys in the corner. My Teacher comes and calls my name, she has one big chart, where I like to paste my photo from the box. I do this every day. I feel happy and excited when she calls my name. After this, teacher asks me to open the book for the day’s activity. Every day my teacher comes up with new-new activities which make me wonder what she will do now.

My favorite activity is Rain Tapping, I like hearing the voices coming from my Fingers as I tap it on my other hand watching my teacher doing the same, it is same as rain drops. After this, she teaches me Rhymes and I love to sing the same with my friends.

After this, we have Snack Time. My teacher asks me to open my lunch box and teaches me how to eat without dropping the food, how to use spoon and folk and I repeat the same at my home too and my Grandpa feels proud of me. She also ask to share the food with my friends.

After this, we have exploration session. My teacher takes us to the Garden and teaches to plant the trees. Following to this is my favorite class of Art and Craft where I make different animals and birds and color them. I also love making masks of different animals. We make it together with our teacher.

One of my favorite times comes at the end, where teacher allows all of us to play out. I love playing with my friends. I usually ride on the big slide and I enjoy it.

And the time comes to go home. Mommy comes to pick me up and my teacher handover me to mommy. And I wait for the next day eagerly.

We sometimes also celebrate different festivals where my teacher tells us about the festivals and we get to eat new-new variety of food. My favorite celebration is Janmashtami where I love dressing like lord Krishna ji. My Dadi loves me in that dress.

I love my school very much.