5 Things To Keep Children Entertained In A Car

5 Things To Keep Children Entertained In A Car

5 Things To Keep Children Entertained In A Car!

If you are planning a road trip with your child, the thought of keeping him/her entertained throughout the ride must be bringing sweat and anxiety for you. Children can act crazy and refuse to catch a break or take a small nap while on a road trip. And as a parent, it becomes difficult whether to concentrate on the road or entertain your child because balancing both is impossible.

We understand what a difficult task it might be to keep children entertained, whether it is in a car or otherwise. Read on to know about five things to keep children entertained in a car:

1.Snacks: There would be fewer chances that a kid does not like snacks. There’s something about road trips because even as adults, we feel the need to eat something from time to time. It’s no surprise children would get hungry often. Keep a variety of snacks handy in the car. Make sure that these are not something that spills and pours because you do not want a cleaning nightmare in your car. The easiest would be to pick finger food that can be easily held by the children.  Don’t forget to ensure enough water. Healthy snack alternatives are best but pack some of your child’s favourite snacks to help them through the trip. They are less likely to throw a tantrum if they like the food they were eating or are going to eat.

2.Songs: Children love music. Why not make a playlist of your child’s favourite songs and keep it with you. You can add nursery rhymes to the playlist and make it a fun learning lesson too.  The playing of your child's favourite songs will uplift his/her mood instantly.

3.A White Board: It is a genius alternative of things to keep in the car to make sure your child is not getting bored. There are so many ways of using the whiteboard. You can play games like crossword as well as puzzles; the child can draw and engage in some art therapy while seated in the car or you can use the whiteboard to teach children alphabets, numbers or even new words. Just put your mind to work, and you will instantly have ideas on how you can use the whiteboard. Keep more than one marker with you, and if you can find different coloured ones, that’s better too. Keep a duster that is available in the stationery store for clearing the board.

4.Colouring Book: Oh, the joy and calm colouring bring! Keep a giant book or two-three types of thin colouring books in your car and let your child pick. Children love colouring and will thoroughly enjoy it. Though its best to keep crayons or pencil colours with you and avoid watercolours as the risk of spilling persists. You can also keep sketch pens and plain paper with you in case the child is feeling adventurous and wants to make a sketch. However, make sure you keep a resting board with you so that your child can keep the colouring book on the board and indulge in colouring. 

5.Pillows: Last but not the least; children will want to rest after eating or engaging in activities. Keep a pillow and a small blanket in the back of the car in case your little one wants to lie down. You can play instrumental music or lullabies to help the child fall asleep faster. Your child is sure to wake up fresh after taking a small nap!

Shanti Juniors genuinely hope the above things can be of use to you and your children.


 Happy parenting!



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