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The beautiful bond of a teacher & child, Success Story Neeru Agarwal.

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The multifaceted role that a teacher plays in a child’s life is beyond comprehension. It’s a pure bond of love and it’s about grooming the child in various aspects beyond academics. Ms. Neeru Agarwal, a Center Head with Shanti Juniors Pre School since 2019 shares her unique experiences and insightful perspectives of being a preschool educator.


Shanti Juniors focuses on the holistic development of a child through rich explorations, observations, encouraging inquisitiveness, learning made fun with interesting activities, dance, music, story-telling sessions, art, and craft; the core idea is to imbibe rich knowledge from an eclectic environment of education.


Tell us about your journey with Shanti Juniors.


Teaching has been intrinsic to my personality and it’s something I’m very passionate about. With an experience of over two decades, first as a tutor, then as a nursery teacher, there was a hiatus for a few years in between as I was fulfilling my responsibilities of a mother to my two sons. When this opportunity of becoming a teacher with Shanti Juniors came upon, my excitement seemed no bounds. It helped me regain my confidence by taking over the role of an educator, imparting enriching learning via versatile teaching methods. I feel proud to be a Center Head at Gurukul Center now.


Shanti Juniors stands true to its tagline “Celebrate Childhood.

It has a profound philosophy for preschool ingrained in the I Cube Learning Ladder which inspires 4Cs; Curiosity, Creativity, Confidence, and Continuity. The curriculum is also outstanding and activity concepts are excellent too.



The unique part of being a teacher is that we have to mould ourselves to become a child, to be with the child! Each day I acquire new insights and gain knowledge about the diverse psyche of these young toddlers, learning a lot from them. Dancing with them, enacting stories, and preparing creative cutouts help me bring out the hidden facets of my personality and open up to a world of true joy and satisfaction, seeing these little ones blossom right in front of my eyes. Being with them is the biggest stress buster and an enticing environment filled with positivity and fun. Feels like a true blessing indeed!



Being a teacher at Shanti Juniors has made my approach towards teaching very structured, methodical, multi-dimensional, empowering, and extremely disciplined. It’s the best structure a preschool can ever have! Feel privileged to be part of it!



How do you perceive the role of a preschool teacher in shaping a child’s future?



Well, it’s the most integral part of a child’s education. When the foundation years fall in place, the path of learning follows a structured approach thereupon. Shanti Juniors has built a cornerstone when it comes to the preschool platform. The bond of a teacher and child, the affection, comfort, being a mother to the child, it’s far beyond teaching shapes, numbers, and alphabet. It’s about inculcating a feeling of ease, interest, fondness and joy within a thriving environment of learning. And this is what Shanti Juniors excels in doing.



How has the demonic Covid phase affected these young minds?




The Post Covid era has been challenging for these young minds. Children have become cranky, fussy and homesick, so providing them with an empathetic atmosphere was a major task especially this year. The lockdown period has resulted in lack of thoughtfulness and gratitude. To provide them a comforting atmosphere and streamline their thoughts and habits towards proper learning practices has truly been a herculean task for us teachers and parents alike. The scars are gradually being overcome by the pattern of a school routine falling in place yet again.


At Shanti Juniors, we think it’s our own child and love to see each child’s growth and progress. We grow with them!



Thank you Ms. Neeru for such deep and profound insights. It was truly enlightening! We are ascertained that the humble role of a teacher that you are playing is helping so many young minds blossom! Keep sparkling! Wishing you many more illustrious years ahead in your association with Shanti Juniors. Thanks for your valuable time and inputs.

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