NEWS New Pre-Schools coming up in New CG Road, Odhav (Ahm), Raiya Road (Rajkot), Mansarovar Garden (Delhi), Nirwana (Gurugram)

Still in 2021?


This is an year of evolution and we’ve come so far after passing through tons of hurdles and believing yourselves as a new you! Shanti Juniors wishes you a very happy new year and 2022 brings hope, light & opportunities.


Children are evolving faster than you can imagine. They’re futuristic and you can’t be in the past anymore. They’re thriving. We’ve been seeing the reels and videos of children with their super logic, and it has been astonishing for adults too. Children are consuming knowledge from every degree of their life. Bad or Good, you can’t stop the information encoding in their lives. Their brain is a clean slate, and they’re hungry to scribble over, which can impact the rest of their lives. There is no filter to the fast suction of information crawling around. Every detail adds to their personality, and that’s how we make our future so volatile and vulnerable.


That’s why righteous Education is the only saviour for our future. Shanti Juniors is ready with its evolved curriculum for your child for the coming academic years. With the experience of 11 years and the upgraded curriculum, Shanti Juniors changes its logo this 2022! A year of new hopes, new vibes, new perspectives and new opportunities.



We’re excited and happy to launch the new logo of Shanti Juniors, which has been a part of their evolution since 2010.


Changing our logo has been a big decision, but that’s what we want our children to learn, and that’s – ADAPTABILITY. Change is constant, and we keep doing daring things and performing out of our comfort zone. Children learn from us, and we consider them as our best judges.

We’ve kept evolving our curriculum with the pace of children’s curiosity and approach. Every child is different and has a different interest. Preschools play a vital role in nurturing the hunger of this era’s children; It is time to join the dots, identifying the child’s personality and leading them to their successful career and progressive life.


For a child, We need customization, attention and making their childhood a celebration that gives them their best first memories of Education, which helps them embrace their upcoming academic tenure gracefully.

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