The Way Grandparents Can Be Involved In The Character Building of Children

The Way Grandparents Can Be Involved In The Character Building of Children

The Way Grandparents Can Be Involved In The Character Building of Children!

It is often said that there is no love like the love a child receives from grandparents. This holds true in every sense. Grandparents are the best friends children have even before they know how to befriend others. They are a child’s place of solace whenever the parents get angry or upset. It’s where children can complain about their parents and play board games with. Grandparents make the world a little kinder, a little warmer and a little softer. The love of grandparents knows no boundaries. It does not recognize time limits and curfews. This love includes the feeling that the grandchildren are getting thinner by day and barely eating. Its where there is an endless supply of food, where a meal can comprise of pizza and cookies. Grandparents have lifelong supplies of hugs, cookies and stories for their grandchildren.

Grandparents play a crucial role in shaping the lives of their grandchildren.  They are the door, the connecting link for children to connect with their family heritage. Grandparents have had life experiences that children cannot just learn about but also learn essential life lessons from the experiences their grandparents had. Grandparents are a portal to get an insight into the past. They have wisdom that they can pass on to their grandchildren, thereby helping them become better human beings.

Grandparents are sometimes the role models for children because children can always look up to their grandparents. Grandparents are mostly on their best behaviour and set a perfect example for children by their actions. They are responsible, caring, kind and patient. All these qualities are ones that children should be empowered with.

For children, a close relationship with their grandparents can be beneficial as they feel loved in the presence of their grandparents. You would be surprised at how many issues adults face, which eventually stem from not being loved enough and not being given enough time. With grandparents, there is love that helps children grow, get a sense of security. The love from grandparents give children the faith to believe in themselves and leads to an increase in their confidence.

Grandparents give children emotional support whenever required. They are literally a phone call or a conversation away for their grandkids. Grandparents teach children how it is okay to feel overwhelmed at times, how it is okay to make mistakes, to let the guard down and to be carefree every once in a while. Children often worry about the tiniest things. Grandparents teach children than worrying about small things will only cause stress. Instead, utilize time to resolve the small issues and become free from stress.

The relationship between grandparents and grandkids is fruitful to both generations as the kids have companions that they can play with and listen to stories from whereas for grandparents, they have someone they can pamper, spoil, care for and shower endless love on.

Grandparents are a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a whole lot of best friend. Grandparents create memories that are etched in a child’s heart forever.


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