Seven Healthy Food Habits in Children

Seven Healthy Food Habits in Children

Seven Healthy Food Habits in Children!

As parents, we are always worried about whether our children are eating the right food and getting enough nutrients.  This constant worry also includes whether the child is eating too little or too much.

If your child complains he/she is too hungry, feed the child but ensure that the child eats healthy food. If he/she complains of not hungry and not wanting to eat, do not force feed your child because this will teach him/her to not listen to the appetite.

The best way to create healthy food habits in children is by modelling healthy food habits yourself. As a parent, it is upon you to show your children how you prioritize your health by practising healthy food habits and give your body nutritious meals to sustain.

Mentioned below are seven healthy food habits children should be taught:

1.Make sure you remind your child to eat slowly. By eating slowly, your child is able to detect hunger and fullness in a better way. If your child asks for a second helping of the food, advice him/her to wait atleast twenty minutes. A child tends to realize he/she is full only twenty minutes after the food has reached his/her stomach.

2.If your child has the habit of eating snacks before or after the main meal, ensure that these snacks are not too big or too heavy. If your child’s hunger is satisfied by eating snacks then he/she will obviously not feel like eating the main meal.

3.Teach your children to focus on their eating, the bites they take and their appetite while eating. Make it a strict rule that no television, electronic devices or toys will be allowed while they are eating.

4. Stock your kitchen with healthy food alternatives and fruits. Ensure these are both easily viewable and reachable so that the children can take and eat whenever they are hungry. Out of sight is out of mind. Keep friend and junk food out of the sight of children behind closed shelves.

5.Encourage your child to drink water and remain hydrated. If your child does not like drinking water, get him/her bottles with his/her name or favourite cartoon characters. This will make them want to drink water from the bottle.

6.Every weekend set goals as a family after talking to your children. These could be simple goals like having soda and desserts only once a week or drinking two bottles of water every day.

7.Eat together as a family. Sit at the dining table free from any sort of distractions. It is crucial that children eat in a stress-free environment. Do things that aid your child’s health together with the child. This includes switching junk food for healthy food and screen time to exercise time.

Create healthy food habits, no restrictions. A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.


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