4 Ideas To Have Fun with Slime

4 Ideas To Have Fun with Slime

4 Ideas To Have Fun with Slime!

We are all aware of how slime is a favourite amongst children. It is the sticky, wet and squishy and is fun to play. The mere act of pulling slime, stretching it and rolling it between fingers and palms can have a relaxing effect on children.  Slime is popular among children of all ages. And the best part is there are so many recipes available on the web to make your own DIY slime. All you have to do is google it.

Read on to find four interesting ideas to have fun with slime:

1. Slime Bubbles: Ask your child to stretch and pull the slime as much as he/she can. The best way to make bubbles with slime is to make the slime ready by playing with it as much as it is possible. The more you play, the better bubbles will come out from the slime. Now ask your child to blow into the slime slowly with the help of inserting a straw into the slime and blowing through the straw to make a bubble. If everything is favourable, you will have a bubble that actually stays a bubble for some time. A fun variant to this can be using another straw to make a bubble within a bubble.

2. Slime Falls: Sounds magical right? Yes. Slime falls. For this, all you need to do is find the back of a chair, the edge of a counter or even your arm! Now let the slime ooze down through the back of the chair, the edge of a counter or even your arm. To make things more interesting, you can make mix coloured slime falls by pouring a slime of a particular colour and once that is done, you pour another coloured slime over the previously poured colour. Keep adding colours to make your own favourite coloured mixed slimes.

3. Make Your Own Glow in the Dark Slime: All you need for this slime is a half cup of white school glue, half cup corn starch, two-three tablespoons of glow in the dark paint and some gel food colour. Mix it together and knead it until you get your desired form. The best way to play with this glow in the dark slime is obviously to play with it in dark. But if you want to play during the day, all you need to do is draw the curtains in the room and switch off the lights.

4. Stretch Contest: Turn playing with slime into a contest. As your children play more with slime, they will be curious to see how far they can stretch it. Give children a clean hard surface. It can include wood, tile or even the top of a table or counter. The reason to ensure that the surface is clean is to make sure that the slime does not get stuck on the ground or does not make the surfaces sticky or dirty. Kids should use one end of slime and slowly pull it apart as much as they can to see how much they can stretch it. Turn it into a contest by participating with your child or you can include their friends into the contest. The more the merrier!



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