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  • Grandparents: Constant Source of Love, Wisdom & Values

    Grandparents or grand angels as they should be rightly called, with silver in their hair and gold in their heart, quickly take one of the most important places in a child’s heart. The mere mention of them brings warmth and a smile to faces. They wait to see you all day and once they do, they feel t

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  • Establishing the Roots Of Self-Esteem In Preschoolers

    Self-esteem in the simple understanding is an individual’s confidence in his/her own capacities, abilities and worth. Preschoolers are like clay; they can be moulded in the way we want to mould them. That’s why it is important to establish values like honesty, determination, consideration, etc. The

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  • A Picnic In The Park: A Great Way To Spend Some Time Outdoors

    Are you and your kids tired of being indoors playing the same games and watching movies? Then why not take the activities outside. There is no better way to utilize a breezy yet warm day than to have a picnic in the park. Fresh breezy air a picnic basket, a carpet and some games is all you need. In

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  • Ten Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

    Children need food to fuel their energy for continuing their busy activity schedules of playing, learning, napping, Etc. Inculcating healthy food habits in a child from a young age sets the foundation for a healthy life throughout the years to come. Giving children snacks at regular intervals helps

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  • 5 Healthy Lunch/Snack Ideas for Preschoolers

    All of us know how necessary it is to have a healthy diet. But for children, eating nutritious food is extremely necessary because it promotes their healthy growth and ensures their physical, mental, emotional and cognitive all-around development. The benefits of healthy eating are multiple. Some o

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  • Ho

    Ho! Ho! It’s a Christmas Time! As December approaches, children get excited. The reason for this excitement and joy is the Christmas festival. Children are immensely fascinated with Christmas. The happiness on their faces when they see a Christmas tree or someone dressed as a Santa Claus is incompa

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  • 5 Ways to involve children in cooking

    There is a stereotype that 'boys don’t work in the kitchen'. But, it is the 21st century, and it’s high time that we leave stereotypes behind. All children; irrespective of their age should be taught; and trained to contribute and help towards the activities in the kitchen. Most of the kids love to

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  • Five Fun Activities Using Leaves

    No matter what age you are of, how old you get, watching leaves fall and change colours never ceases to amaze anyone. There’s something too beautiful about the green carpet that spreads on the ground when leaves fall. Leaf activities can help improve the fine as well as the gross motor skills of a

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