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    Hey there, I don’t know who are you but either you’re someone’s mother, sister, wife, daughter or you’ve them. We hear a lot of about women’s rights and her equality. However, we think it in a broader aspect, she isn’t worth pitying, she is worth being proud of. Nobody can empower women, they’

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  • Empowering children with essential life skills

    Life skills are precious life lessons and abilities that a child learns at early stages of life and uses them throughout their lifetime. These skills help the child to become independent and self-sufficient helping him increase his self-esteem. Here is a list of essential life skills that your chil

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  • 7 Ways to Handle Hyperactivity in kids

    Hyperactivity is a condition seen in kids of being extremely active constantly, often resulting in disruptive behaviour. Hyperactivity and excitement in kids are often misunderstood. There is a clear distinction between both. Hyperactivity is the inability to a child to sit still and do a particula

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  • 8 Tips to Prepare your Child for Preschool

    Preschool is a new environment for kids. It’s where they learn alphabets, numbers, colours and animals. They learn how to share, how to be a little independent and where they make new friends. It’s where the development of the emotional, physical and cognitive skills of children occurs. It is there

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  • 5 Activities to Develop Motor Skills in Children

    “For a small child there is no division between playing and learning; between the things he or she does ‘just for fun’ and things that are ‘educational.’ The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play” ~ Penelope Leach Here is a list of 5 activities to develop m

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  • Toilet Training: Advice for Parents

    Teaching a kid to get toilet trained is a herculean task, not an overnight task. It often takes between 3 and 6 months. It is a kind of achievement to have a child toilet trained in childhood at the right time. But it requires a lot of patience, trials, and errors. But once this milestone is achiev

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  • Choosing The Ultimate After School Daycare Program For Child

    The idea of an after-school daycare is a relief to parents. Today, every parent works while raising their child. Whether they work out of necessity, fulfilment, or both, they do not have to explain or defend their financial situation or parenting style to anyone. For parents of children who do not

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  • Fostering Creativity in Children

    A child is full of curiosity. To them, ideas come from everything. For the complete development of a child, creativity is as important as literature. A child has a different way of looking at things and situations. Their way isn’t just simple, many times it is innovative. The minds of children are

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