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    We’ve been reading some amazing #Momstories, and we’d like to share one such story from Ms. Hetal Mistry! Ms. Hetal Mistry, a house wife, shares her view on how she got badly stuck up like any other mom would. Read out till last for what happened.. Hi, This is Hetal, I am a housewife staying in

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    Hey there, I don’t know who are you but either you’re someone’s mother, sister, wife, daughter or you’ve them. We hear a lot of about women’s rights and her equality. However, we think it in a broader aspect, she isn’t worth pitying, she is worth being proud of. Nobody can empower women, they’

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  • What makes Shanti Juniors - the most preferred preschool in India?

    Yes, you heard it right; Shanti Juniors is the most preferred preschool in India. Shanti Juniors believes in the overall development of children in a safe and hygienic environment. A lot of parents worry about how their children will follow Indian culture. To make sure that Indian values get imbib

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  • Shanti Juniors: An Entrepreneur’s Ladder to Success

    Entrepreneurship is the ability and willingness to take risks and develop, organize and manage a business to earn a considerable profit. Being an entrepreneur means you are your own boss, but this freedom is accompanied by a lot of responsibility. Hence an entrepreneur will always have to continue

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  • Why Preschool is Vital for Child Development

    Preschool is the pillar on which the education of a child stands. It is the foundation of learning. All that a child initially needs to know is taught in preschool. It is at this age that the fastest development and growth of the child occurs. The child has confidence in his spirit, limitless resou

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  • Taking Care of a Child’s Mental Health

    Parents can identify how their child feels in a heartbeat. They can take care of his physical needs; what food the child eats, what time is bedtime, and to take the child to a doctor in case he/she gets sick or injured. However mental health issues are not that easy to identify for parents. Mental

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  • 6 Tips for Parenting In The Digital Age

    How often do we come across kids with phones or tablets in their hand? Today every child has access to the web and internet with the availability of mobile phones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi connected devices. With these, children can surf the web at any time of the day, at any given hour from anywhe

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  • It’s All About Prioritizing your Children

    Children are the greatest blessings of life for parents. They are the priceless treasures that have a special way of adding joy to everything. They are the hand by which parents can get hold of a piece of heaven. They are the keys to paradise. The joys of being a parent are endless! As Paulo Coelho

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