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    Well, that’s not the spelling mistake in the subject line. It’s actually a cool place for our children than a Pre-school so we called it a “Pre-Cool”. As you all know that Shanti Juniors is known for making wonderful memories for the children. They are very sensitive and every child is a special.

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    We’ve been reading some amazing #Momstories, and we’d like to share one such story from Ms. Hetal Mistry! Ms. Hetal Mistry, a house wife, shares her view on how she got badly stuck up like any other mom would. Read out till last for what happened.. Hi, This is Hetal, I am a housewife staying in

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  • What makes Shanti Juniors - the most preferred preschool in India?

    Yes, you heard it right; Shanti Juniors is the most preferred preschool in India. Shanti Juniors believes in the overall development of children in a safe and hygienic environment. A lot of parents worry about how their children will follow Indian culture. To make sure that Indian values get imbib

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  • Shanti Juniors Celebrating Childhood since 2010

    Shanti Juniors is the flagship brand of Shanti Educational Initiatives Ltd. Currently; Shanti Juniors has spread nationwide with a chain of 350+ preschools and nurtured more than 75000 children. Recently, Shanti Juniors has registered its name in the Golden Book of World Records by providing free h

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  • Effect of Technology on Child’s Development

    We are surrounded by technology all around us. From the screen, you are reading this on to the TV in your house, the smartwatch on your hand or the phone in your pocket. Children today are exposed to all sorts of technology in their childhood. And like everything else, technology too has its advant

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  • Choosing The Ultimate After School Daycare Program For Child

    The idea of an after-school daycare is a relief to parents. Today, every parent works while raising their child. Whether they work out of necessity, fulfilment, or both, they do not have to explain or defend their financial situation or parenting style to anyone. For parents of children who do not

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  • Behavioural Issues in Children and How to Tackle Them

    Every preschool child can be impulsive, naughty, and unruly. Children tend to mend their ways and improve their behaviour when instructed by parents, guardians, or teachers. However, some children find it very difficult to change their behaviour. This behaviour becomes a massive challenge for paren

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  • Taking Care of a Child’s Mental Health

    Parents can identify how their child feels in a heartbeat. They can take care of his physical needs; what food the child eats, what time is bedtime, and to take the child to a doctor in case he/she gets sick or injured. However mental health issues are not that easy to identify for parents. Mental

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