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  • Effect of Technology on Child’s Development

    We are surrounded by technology all around us. From the screen, you are reading this on to the TV in your house, the smartwatch on your hand or the phone in your pocket. Children today are exposed to all sorts of technology in their childhood. And like everything else, technology too has its advant

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  • Preschool: A Child’s Second Home

    “By education, I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man; body, mind and spirit.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi A preschool is the beginning of the learning experience of a child. Hence it is crucial that parents consider various factors before locking in a preschool for their child. It i

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  • Behavioural Issues in Children and How to Tackle Them

    Every preschool child can be impulsive, naughty, and unruly. Children tend to mend their ways and improve their behaviour when instructed by parents, guardians, or teachers. However, some children find it very difficult to change their behaviour. This behaviour becomes a massive challenge for paren

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  • Mother: Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends

    As a rainy day draws towards the end, Ryan aged eight and his younger sister Anaya aged three are tired and hungry. They had an eventful day filled with making boats and floating them in the streams of water that were formed right outside their house due to the incessant rains. Despite playing in t

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  • It’s All About Prioritizing your Children

    Children are the greatest blessings of life for parents. They are the priceless treasures that have a special way of adding joy to everything. They are the hand by which parents can get hold of a piece of heaven. They are the keys to paradise. The joys of being a parent are endless! As Paulo Coelho

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  • 9 Do’s for Parents of Preschooler

    A child’s imagination is limited. Imagination is equally as important as knowledge. The children going to preschool are full of spirit, infinite in resources and eager to learn. When children are young, parents and preschool teacher both play a monumental role in preparing the child for the future.

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  • Things parents should avoid while sending the child to preschool

    It is a difficult time for a parent when they first send their child to preschool. Like the child, the parent is also stepping into unknown territory, something they haven’t prepared for. Sometimes, unknowingly, parents often make some mistakes when sending their child to preschool. We understand h

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  • Blossoming a friendship with Your Child

    Growing up can be a difficult procedure. It includes facing fears, handling tough situations, making mistakes and learning from these mistakes. And, throughout this process of growing up, it is extremely important to have a guide, a confidant, a teacher and most importantly a friend. Parents are in

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