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  • Five ways to take learning outside

    Children do not like being confined to the four walls of a classroom. They are spontaneous, bursting with energy and eager to learn. A mother and nature are both admirable teachers for a child. There is so much that a child can learn in an outdoor environment. It offers possibilities that would usu

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  • Learning by Doing: The Hands-On Learning Experience

    When we first began to learn how to ride a bicycle, there was a sense of fear and anxiety. But, soon we could ride the bicycle with our parents holding the cycle from behind. Later, they would slowly take away their hand and before we knew it, we were riding the bicycle all by ourselves. But all of

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  • Six Benefits of Playing With Play-Dough

    If there is anything popular with children of all ages, it is play-dough. Play-dough is loved by all and is often a child’s favourite thing to play with. It is soft, squishy and can be transformed into anything. The beauty of playing with play-dough is that children are never discouraged by their c

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  • Benefits of teaching aids

    Teaching aids are materials that teachers use in the classroom to help children understand better. The teaching aids can be used to make the teaching livelier as these aids affect the student’s speech, sight, and hearing. Any device, material or source used by teachers to clarify a topic and descri

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  • 5 Benefits of Colouring Books

    There’s a different kind of joy, a feeling that isn’t expressible that occurs when an individual is asked to colour between the lines. This individual may be an adult or a child, but the joy is present irrespective of age. That is because colouring is an activity that relieves stress and gives a pu

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  • 6 Types of Books for Preschoolers

    Books are portable magic. When you give children a book, you open the door for them to see and explore a different world, a world full of possibilities. A book gives children a place to go to when they have to stay where they are, without having to travel. When children have books, they are never a

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  • Ten Ways to Get Closer To Your Children

    "Children are not only innocent and curious but also optimistic and joyful and essentially happy. They are, in short, everything adults wish they could be." - Carolyn Haywood Children look at the world differently than most adults. To children, the world is pretty, bright and magical. They see magi

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  • Five Indoor Games for Kids to Beat the Lockdown

    Since the country was put on lockdown due to the dangerous COVID-19 virus, schools and day centres have been closed. With children being at home all the time, parents are constantly worried about the children’s wellbeing. Besides the need to home-school them, children also have to be kept entertain

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