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  • How to Get Your Child To Follow A Routine

    As adults, we like our routines. It gives us a chance to fully prepare and be ready for what is the next order of task during the day. Being prepared gives a feeling of assurance. This applies to children also. Children love routines. It gives them a sense of security and comfort. Kids thrive on re

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  • Learning by Doing: The Hands-On Learning Experience

    When we first began to learn how to ride a bicycle, there was a sense of fear and anxiety. But, soon we could ride the bicycle with our parents holding the cycle from behind. Later, they would slowly take away their hand and before we knew it, we were riding the bicycle all by ourselves. But all of

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  • Balancing Screen Time for Children

    Today, kids are spending more time with screens of phones and electronic tablets than they are on the playground. And let’s admit it the time they spend with the screen do get out of hand at times. Well, on a realistic note, most of the time it can get pretty out of hand. Children are always expose

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  • Why Our Children Deserve More Than Just An Internet Connection

    Kids today are inseparable from phones and tablets. They are always watching something or the other on electronic devices or playing some game. The harmful effects of too much exposure to phones and tablets to children are known already. But still, we often fail to separate children from mobile pho

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  • How to Expand Your Child’s Vocabulary

    Parents want their children to have a strong command of the English language. They want their preschooler to be able to converse in English with ease without any grammatical errors. In every language, the pronunciation of a word is important. The same goes for English too. The more words children u

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  • Teaching children to help others

    Children are naturally emotional. If children are observed carefully, you will notice that they feel the other person’s pain. However, at the end of the day, we must remember that they are children. So they will have difficulties if they have to share something of their own to help others. We have

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  • Encouraging kids to help at home

    No matter what age your children are, it is never too late to begin teaching them to help around in the house. But before introducing the children to the concept of helping with small chores around the house, sit them down and explain how it is their home as much as it is yours and so it is their d

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  • Eight ways to get children to eat healthy

    Parents running behind their children and making sure they eat healthy is not an uncommon sight. It is an everyday occurrence in almost all households. Children today prefer to have sugary food and junk food as their main food groups. All parents know how important it is for children to eat healthy

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