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  • What makes Shanti Juniors - the most preferred preschool in India?

    Yes, you heard it right; Shanti Juniors is the most preferred preschool in India. Shanti Juniors believes in the overall development of children in a safe and hygienic environment. A lot of parents worry about how their children will follow Indian culture. To make sure that Indian values get imbib

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  • Why preschool franchise is the best decision to start your own?

    Starting your own business is a herculean task especially in the education sector. Buying a preschool franchise is the best decision to start your own entrepreneurial journey. The importance of early childhood education in India has been growing rapidly in the present times which mean that preschoo

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  • How to Encourage Your Child to Read

    What is a way to transport to a different world without moving from your favourite corner of home? The answer is Books. The right book can change a child’s life. There are many little ways for a child to explore the world. Reading books is the best of all of them. A good book can engross children,

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  • 6 Tips for Parenting In The Digital Age

    How often do we come across kids with phones or tablets in their hand? Today every child has access to the web and internet with the availability of mobile phones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi connected devices. With these, children can surf the web at any time of the day, at any given hour from anywhe

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  • It’s All About Prioritizing your Children

    Children are the greatest blessings of life for parents. They are the priceless treasures that have a special way of adding joy to everything. They are the hand by which parents can get hold of a piece of heaven. They are the keys to paradise. The joys of being a parent are endless! As Paulo Coelho

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  • Safety and Hygiene at Shanti Juniors

    Every child is a beautiful bud transforming into a flower as they grow up, making the world a beautiful garden. Children are the future. They are the most valuable resource we have. It is necessary to take care of their safety and hygiene at all times. The safety of our tiny tots and their hygiene

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  • Five Do-It-Yourself Activities to Entertain Your Child At Home

    Playing is a child’s favourite way of learning. A moving child is a child who is learning. Helping a child play reminds us of what life is about. For adults, playtime seems like a break from serious learning. But what we forget is that for children all play is serious learning! Children don’t need

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  • 11 Tips to Encourage Healthy Food Habits in Preschoolers

    A growing child needs nourishment, not just-food. The preschool years are when you give children a foundation for establishing proper food habits. If kids learn about the importance of eating healthy early in their lives right from preschool, they will continue eating healthy in adulthood by habit.

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