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    Are you a Passenger or a Pilot? Yes, Many follow and some lead! While, a lot of people prefer in working with big corporate companies, there are still a set of aspirants who prefer to take charge in the cockpit and drive their own venture. And if you are one of them, Preschool business is one of

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    “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” As the above saying goes, it is the experiential learning that leaves a life time impact on children. Hence, Field Trips become an important part of preschool education. This experience goes beyond reading about a concept as the

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  • What makes Shanti Juniors - the most preferred preschool in India?

    Yes, you heard it right; Shanti Juniors is the most preferred preschool in India. Shanti Juniors believes in the overall development of children in a safe and hygienic environment. A lot of parents worry about how their children will follow Indian culture. To make sure that Indian values get imbib

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  • A Preschool Teacher Shapes A Child’s Future

    For a teacher, the greatest joy is to see a child’s success. If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes.’ –Guy Kawasaki A teacher can open a mind and touch a heart. It is one of the professions that are considered noble and the highest form of understanding. A

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  • Learning by Doing: The Hands-On Learning Experience

    When we first began to learn how to ride a bicycle, there was a sense of fear and anxiety. But, soon we could ride the bicycle with our parents holding the cycle from behind. Later, they would slowly take away their hand and before we knew it, we were riding the bicycle all by ourselves. But all of

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  • Blossoming a friendship with Your Child

    Growing up can be a difficult procedure. It includes facing fears, handling tough situations, making mistakes and learning from these mistakes. And, throughout this process of growing up, it is extremely important to have a guide, a confidant, a teacher and most importantly a friend. Parents are in

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  • Why a Trip To The Zoo Is An Ideal Outdoor Trip For Preschoolers

    A field trip to the zoo is a great outdoor trip idea to take preschoolers. There is a certain excitement, amazement, and wonder that is followed when a trip to the zoo is mentioned to children. And if children have never been to the zoo before, their excitement is sky-high. The whole experience is

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  • Promoting Family Involvement in Preschool

    Parents are a child’s first teacher and play a very crucial role in the child’s growth and development. The child’s family is his source of joy, strength, light, laughter, and courage. Hence family involvement in preschool is of paramount importance. Family involvement essentially means to build a

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