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  • 6 Anger Management Tips for Parents

    How many times have you come across a situation where you see a child throwing a tantrum over something tiny and a parent standing beside the kid helpless, not knowing how to help the child control his anger or reduce the tantrums? It is not an unfamiliar sight anymore. Many kids now have anger iss

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  • Why Preschool is Vital for Child Development

    Preschool is the pillar on which the education of a child stands. It is the foundation of learning. All that a child initially needs to know is taught in preschool. It is at this age that the fastest development and growth of the child occurs. The child has confidence in his spirit, limitless resou

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  • Celebrations: Sparking Joy in Preschool Life Of Children

    Remember eagerly waiting for the festive celebrations in school when we were kids? We would look forward to them. In adulthood, we cherish these memories and the festivals due to the festive spirit attached to it. Celebrations are all about happiness, joy, and laughter. It is vital that preschools

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  • Taking Care of a Child’s Mental Health

    Parents can identify how their child feels in a heartbeat. They can take care of his physical needs; what food the child eats, what time is bedtime, and to take the child to a doctor in case he/she gets sick or injured. However mental health issues are not that easy to identify for parents. Mental

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  • 11 Tips to Encourage Healthy Food Habits in Preschoolers

    A growing child needs nourishment, not just-food. The preschool years are when you give children a foundation for establishing proper food habits. If kids learn about the importance of eating healthy early in their lives right from preschool, they will continue eating healthy in adulthood by habit.

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  • How to Get Your Child To Follow A Routine

    As adults, we like our routines. It gives us a chance to fully prepare and be ready for what is the next order of task during the day. Being prepared gives a feeling of assurance. This applies to children also. Children love routines. It gives them a sense of security and comfort. Kids thrive on re

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  • Raising Independent Kids

    As a parent, as much as you would like to do everything for your children, they will need to learn to do things themselves, on their own, with little help, or without any help sooner or later. Being independent in small ways and doing things on their own is a part of ‘growing up’ for the child. Now

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  • Blossoming a friendship with Your Child

    Growing up can be a difficult procedure. It includes facing fears, handling tough situations, making mistakes and learning from these mistakes. And, throughout this process of growing up, it is extremely important to have a guide, a confidant, a teacher and most importantly a friend. Parents are in

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