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    Meet our edupreneur- Ms. Namita Malagi, a successful and an inspirational Edupreneur! She is a mother of a 9 year old daughter – Aahana and Mr. Shridhar Malagi is lucky to have such an aspirant wife wherein Mr.Shridhar also helps her in this venture of her pre-school. Ms.Namita is fond of singin

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  • Parents: A child’s First Mentor & Guide

    Being a good parent is aforethought that most of us go through. We go through a myriad of thoughts to give the best life possible to our children. The role of parents at the early stage of child development is most crucial in shaping the child’s personality and future deeds. Though the role is perp

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  • Effect of Technology on Child’s Development

    We are surrounded by technology all around us. From the screen, you are reading this on to the TV in your house, the smartwatch on your hand or the phone in your pocket. Children today are exposed to all sorts of technology in their childhood. And like everything else, technology too has its advant

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  • Behavioural Issues in Children and How to Tackle Them

    Every preschool child can be impulsive, naughty, and unruly. Children tend to mend their ways and improve their behaviour when instructed by parents, guardians, or teachers. However, some children find it very difficult to change their behaviour. This behaviour becomes a massive challenge for paren

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  • 6 Anger Management Tips for Parents

    How many times have you come across a situation where you see a child throwing a tantrum over something tiny and a parent standing beside the kid helpless, not knowing how to help the child control his anger or reduce the tantrums? It is not an unfamiliar sight anymore. Many kids now have anger iss

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  • Mother: Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends

    As a rainy day draws towards the end, Ryan aged eight and his younger sister Anaya aged three are tired and hungry. They had an eventful day filled with making boats and floating them in the streams of water that were formed right outside their house due to the incessant rains. Despite playing in t

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  • How to Encourage Your Child to Read

    What is a way to transport to a different world without moving from your favourite corner of home? The answer is Books. The right book can change a child’s life. There are many little ways for a child to explore the world. Reading books is the best of all of them. A good book can engross children,

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  • Phonics Advice for Parents

    Phonics is a method of teaching beginners to read or pronounce words by learning to associate and relate certain letters or group of letters with the sounds they represent. Children need to understand letter sounds and how they blend before they can begin any essential phonics curriculum. The ultim

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