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  • 5 Activities to Develop Motor Skills in Children

    “For a small child there is no division between playing and learning; between the things he or she does ‘just for fun’ and things that are ‘educational.’ The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play” ~ Penelope Leach Here is a list of 5 activities to develop m

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  • Fostering Creativity in Children

    A child is full of curiosity. To them, ideas come from everything. For the complete development of a child, creativity is as important as literature. A child has a different way of looking at things and situations. Their way isn’t just simple, many times it is innovative. The minds of children are

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  • How to Encourage Your Child to Read

    What is a way to transport to a different world without moving from your favourite corner of home? The answer is Books. The right book can change a child’s life. There are many little ways for a child to explore the world. Reading books is the best of all of them. A good book can engross children,

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  • 9 Do’s for Parents of Preschooler

    A child’s imagination is limited. Imagination is equally as important as knowledge. The children going to preschool are full of spirit, infinite in resources and eager to learn. When children are young, parents and preschool teacher both play a monumental role in preparing the child for the future.

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  • The Power of Pretend Play In Child Development

    Pretend play is an activity all of us have indulged in when we were kids. We have our fondest memories attached to it. Who doesn’t remember playing house, pretending they were the owners of the house, an adult with a job, taking keys of their play car and pretending they’re ready to go to work or p

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  • Learning by Doing: The Hands-On Learning Experience

    When we first began to learn how to ride a bicycle, there was a sense of fear and anxiety. But, soon we could ride the bicycle with our parents holding the cycle from behind. Later, they would slowly take away their hand and before we knew it, we were riding the bicycle all by ourselves. But all of

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  • Value of Play in a Preschooler’s Life

    The current busy lifestyles of little kids and their parents leave no room for play. This is mostly due to the child having both parents working and a rise in attention paid to studies. Parents often forget that children can be taught lessons and given knowledge with play also. Play is the perfect

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  • Why a Trip To The Zoo Is An Ideal Outdoor Trip For Preschoolers

    A field trip to the zoo is a great outdoor trip idea to take preschoolers. There is a certain excitement, amazement, and wonder that is followed when a trip to the zoo is mentioned to children. And if children have never been to the zoo before, their excitement is sky-high. The whole experience is

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