“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” We at Shanti Juniors pre-school follow the same. Our toddlers grasp on the basis of real learning rather than testing of factoids. We give them the freedom to explore and learn.

At Shanti Juniors, our stimulating environment and culturally appropriate curricular programs are thoughtfully designed to foster holistic development of children. We make them understand the basics step by step so that their learning foundation becomes strong. We teach them in a manner that they become torchbearers in the society.

Teaching our children good manners at an early age cultivates a good character in them. Manners, proper etiquette, respecting elders, etc are some of the important lessons a child needs to learn. At Shanti Juniors preschool, we use innovative ideas to teach them these important lessons. How to behave in public, table manners, how to talk to elders, daily habits, etc are taught through positive reinforcement.

Apart from these, our little ones are also taught to make friends, adjust in groups, help friends, mingle with others and stay as one.

We aim at developing the life skills and intra personal skills in our ‘Little Juniors’ which gives them an edge over their counterparts.

Shanti Juniors, which is amongst the top preschools in India doesn’t view childhood as a race to see who can read, write, and count. Instead, it treats early years as a time to learn and develop at their own pace.

At Shanti Juniors playschool, a child learns Sanskaar (values) through which s/he becomes Saakshar (educated) and ultimately the child becomes capable, Saksham i.e. to contribute in his/her surroundings.

Hence, we say – Yahaan Shanti Juniors mein Sanskaar, Saakshar aur Saksham se hota hai bacchhon ka sampoorna vikas!