We at Shanti Juniors Preschool believe in celebrating childhood with the same intensity and love as you do for your child. A 2nd home of your child, where s/he learns the external world through our own teaching methodology. We've discovered this methodology after intense research based on children’s response to the surrounding environment. I-Cube Learning Ladder (Inquiry, Interaction & Innovation) is a teaching process practiced at Shanti Juniors which inspires 4Cs (Curiosity, Confidence, Creativity & Continuity) in a Child.

  1. Inquiry:

    Inquiry describes the child’s thirst for knowledge and information. Children inquest everything in their surroundings due to their basic characteristic of being ‘Curious’.

  2. Interaction:

    Exposure to multifaceted teaching & learning aids enhances the experiential learning and nurtures holistic development of children. Interaction is the best mode of fulfilling inquisition which provides confidence to a child with appropriate knowledge and information.

  3. Innovation:

    Innovation is an expression of creativity. It’s boundless and not Limited to measurability. Each creative expression is a new benchmark on the child’s developmental continuum.

This methodology is very effective in inspiring Curiosity, Confidence, Creativity and Continuity in a child to instill a habit of self-discovery right from the beginning.Your Child just doesn’t learn here, But loves to learn.Forever.


Yes! We make it Hip and Happening for our little ones. Life at Shanti Juniors is like a Roller Coaster ride, fun never ends and you can’t get enough of it. Our team has researched a lot to build such a lively environment of learning that our little ones feel that each and every toys kind of speaks to them.

‘Environs’ at Shanti Juniors have colorful child-friendly interiors and furniture with an appealing ambiance. Our preschools have spacious classrooms, activity areas and outdoors blessed with nature. Such ambiance invites and interests the children to endorse our teaching methodology of I- Cube Learning Ladder. We offer a stimulating and child-friendly colorful environment for inquisitive young minds. The inbuilt model in our educational program facilitates our toddlers to show their learning in a simple method. ‘Toys, Teaching aids and Equipments’ form an integral part of our child-friendly environs.

The Key learning spaces include:

  • Large classrooms designed for children with specific themes for different classes based on eye soothing color combinations and a childhood flavor.
  • Many classrooms are equipped with technology such as projectors, interactive whiteboards and Tablets.
  • Specially designed child-friendly furniture with specific color combinations.
  • Interactive outdoor learning areas.
  • Activity Area designed for children with various Teaching and Playing Aids.