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Franchise Opportunity

Welcome to the business of Fun, Learn & Earn.

Preschool, as a Business

  • Huge Potential of * 10.7% of population is between 2-6 yrs
  • Increased awareness of Parents about preschools
  • Steady Income Opportunity for Franchisee
  • Low Investment & High Profit
  • Unorganized market with several non-branded players
  • Lack of Indian Culture Integration in Curriculum

Shanti Juniors comes up with a correct application for this scenario

It is one of the rare Preschool with its own discovered impactful teaching Methodology integrated with 5 international academic approaches

You can be a part of this dynamic team, who celebrate change, success and of course celebrate the Business Certainty. Shanti Juniors (SJ) has been growing tremendously towards the acquisition of Indian market offering quality early childhood education.

It’s the only preschool in India, which has discovered I3 Learning Ladder methodology as mentioned above for children which instills a holistic as well as continuous development of a child even after the pre-schooling years. .

Shanti Juniors has been performing as par the global education economic reports and has been on toes always to let our child celebrate their childhood with Indian ethnicity. The beauty of our business strategy is that we’re quite dynamic and adaptive with the current business scenario and that is the reason our Business Partners are growing hand-in-hand with the brand.

The trend moves so fast that we cannot be “slow & steady” rather we’ve to be “Fast & Steady”. So what do we do? Hence, we’ve invented our own “Eagle to Ant Approach” in our corporation. Eagle is signified for a macro top view and Ant works on each and every detailing.

This approach is implemented for every function which ensures the concrete growth internally & externally. It benefits our preschool partners for sufficient deliveries and consultancy in the best way for fast & steady growth. We’ve been now instigated to make the roadmap for 300+ Pre-Schools across India. Are you ready to be one of those Revolutionary Edupreneur?

Celebrating Business Certainty!