Establishing Teacher-Student & Teacher-Parent Bonds in Digital Times

Establishing Teacher-Student & Teacher-Parent Bonds in Digital Times

Establishing Teacher-Student & Teacher-Parent Bonds in Digital Times!

We are living in digital times. The fine line of balancing screen time is sometimes difficult to achieve. The job of a teacher becomes a little more complicated due to the lack of face to face conversations. The teacher has to manage everything digitally.

In such times, to avoid the suffering of teacher-student and teacher-parent bond mentioned below are a few points that should be kept in mind:

1.It is tough to give individual attention to each child. The shortage of time is existing, but a little individual attention is better than none at all. Try your best to speak to each child. Divide the children into batches of three, and ask each batch how they are on a day. This way nobody feels felt out.

2.Teaching comes with great responsibility. Ensure that you check up on students at regular intervals. Individual five-minutes calls can also be enough for the same.

3.For parents, make sure you are connected with the teacher. The teacher has her hands full more than ever right now due to the duty of imparting digital education. In case the teacher skips something, remind her in a genuine warm way. Don’t be rude, she/he hasn’t done it on purpose.

4.To keep the connection strong between parents and teachers, make a WhatsApp group where the parents can write in their concerns and the teacher can address the same. The group can also be used to give all the parents crucial information by merely sending it in the group. In case of an emergency or some unusual circumstances, the class timings have to be changed, the same should be put up in the group.

5.Teachers can schedule zoom calls where only parents are allowed. This gives both parents and teachers a chance to talk without being interrupted by kids.

6.Parents should try and send the child’s teacher a note or message of gratitude thanking the teacher for all the conscious efforts she/he has been making to ensure that the child’s education does not suffer. Appreciation makes us want to work harder, reinforces faith in our actions and gives a boost of confidence. By appreciating the teacher, you are making him/her feel that the efforts he/she has been making for the child’s education are noticed, observed and acknowledged. It makes the teacher feel valued.

7.Remember, children are at the heart of all we do. Their comfort is of the utmost importance. Whenever taking a decision whether it is about the duration of the online class or the beginning time of the same, please keep children in mind. Children get restless so it’s best to schedule a break between two classes to give them a window to move around, have a snack or just be.


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