Reinforcing Letters for Preschoolers

It is a well-known fact that the best way to teach little humans anything is by repeating the same. But, repetition needs to be done creatively. It is the teacher’s job to find innovative ways to teach children concepts in such a way that it becomes easier for children to remember and recall these concepts.

Reinforcing letters in a preschool classroom is important because letters or alphabets form a crucial part of later reading as well as writing literacy skills. It gives children a better understanding of the alphabets, their sounds and their usage.

Mentioned below are seven ways in which you can reinforce letters to preschool going children. We hope it helps.

1.Begin with Names: One of the ways to reinforce letters to children is by teaching them their name. Every child has a name, and every child feels a special connection with his/her name. Once children have learnt their names, you can move on to their parent’s name or even their friend’s or classmate’s name. In case the child has a pet, the name of the pet holds a special place in the child’s life, and can be used to teach children letters or alphabets.

2.Use Flash Cards: Write letters with a permanent marker or coloured pens on the flashcards. Now hold the flashcard in hand and ask your child to speak out the sound of the letter/alphabet. It is a good practice for phonics of alphabets too.

3.Matching Match: Write the upper case and lower case letters on paper and ask your child to match the uppercase letter with the lower case letter. You can use the usual paper to do this, coloured paper, or even write the case letter with a marker on beans.  

4.Ice-cream Stick Alphabets: Ice-cream sticks are easily available in any stationery store. Go to the nearest stationery store and grab some of these sticks. Now write each letter in on paper and ask your child to stick the ice-cream sticks on the written alphabet letter.

5.Paper Bag Letters: Take a paper bag and put in pieces of paper that have the letters written on them. Now ask your child to put his/her hand inside the paper bag and pull out a piece of paper. The piece of paper that comes out would have a letter written on it. The child is supposed to speak out the letter loudly.

6.Food Product Letter Hunt: The best part about this exercise is that it can be done at home or in a grocery store. No more worrying about your child getting bored in the grocery store. Hand your child a pen and a paper that has all the alphabet letters written. Now ask your child to find products that have a certain alphabet on their packaging. They are supposed to cross off the letter that they found on a food packet.

7.Clay Letters: Children love playing with clay. Ask them to make letters using clay by moulding the clay with a bit of water. This will also improve the fine motor skills of children.

Before concluding, Shanti Juniors Preschool would like to remind you that each child is different. No two children understand, grasp or remember at the same pace. Don’t expect children to learn something right away. It will take time for them to learn basic things also. Please keep realistic expectations from your child. And most importantly, don’t limit learning to the classroom. Learning can be done anywhere, whether it’s in the garden or during snack time or even playtime. All you need is a unique creative approach. 


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