Home Remedies to Keep Immunity Strong during Winters

Home Remedies to Keep Immunity Strong during Winters

Home Remedies to Keep Immunity Strong during Winters!

Winters are synonymous with cold, cough, flu and viral fevers. The cool breeze and the dip in the weather bring along its own set of ailments. The best way to protect ourselves, including our children from diseases in winters, is by boosting our immunity.

Lucky for us, the elders of the family have a treasure of effective home remedies to keep our immunity strong during all seasons. Mentioned below are five such home remedies to keep immunity strong and protecting your child from diseases during winters.

1.Immunity Drink: Create an immunity potion for children as well as other family members of the house by taking some water, adding black pepper, slices of ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves and tulsi. You can also add mint leaves if you like. Boil the water for fifteen to twenty minutes and serve it warm to kids. This drink can be used to build the body’s defence against diseases. 

2.Turmeric Milk: Turmeric milk, also known as liquid gold is a simple recipe where you add a dash of turmeric and salt to boiling hot milk. This milk has various health benefits. Turmeric milk has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It is loaded with antioxidants that help in fighting cell damage as well as bone degeneration. Turmeric is beneficial for both bones as well as skin.

3.Citrus Fruits: Fruits such as oranges, sweet lime, lemons as well as grapefruit are packed with vitamin c. Their consumption is advantageous for the body as they lead to the creation of white blood cells in the body that can be used to fight off infections and diseases. If your child has acidity issues, limit the consumption of anything citrus to once a day. This will ensure that he/she does not get acidic while simultaneously maintaining the stock of vitamin c in the body.

4.Jaggery Balls: Make a dough by combining the dry ginger powder with jaggery and make balls from this dough. Give it to children with their breakfast every morning. The ingredients of these balls have gut cleaning properties that help improve the digestive system. A well functioning digestive system acts as a barrier for diseases to enter the body. These balls once made can be stored up to a week.


5.Water: The key to keeping diseases at bay is by drinking enough water. If we’re drinking enough water, we would be flushing out the toxins and bacteria which would be harmful to the body. It helps in keeping our temperatures normal, preventing headaches and dehydration as well as aiding in the treatment of kidney stones. Water boosts immunity in numerous ways. If you are not a fan of plain water, you can make it interesting by adding fruits to give it some flavour.


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