Teaching Numbers to Preschoolers

The knowledge regarding numbers and alphabets is something that all children must possess.  Teaching numbers to children can be pretty simple if done in the right way. The trick is to incorporate numbers into the daily life and schedules of children. Once you include numbers in daily routine, help children notice and observe numbers in creative ways whenever you can.

Mentioned below are four ways you can teach numbers to preschoolers:

1.Pointing Numbers Out

Take every chance you get to show numbers to your children. This could be while in the car to school on the number plates of other vehicles or the signboard at the crossroads, it could be on the magnets on the fridge or the newspaper the family member is reading. You will be surprised to see that the numbers are everywhere; you just have to look for them and keep your eyes open and alert.

2.Using Toys to Teach Numbers

Empty the toy basket of children and help them count the number of animals they have or the number of lego blocks in the basket. This is a great way to teach numbers while engaging their fine motor skills.

3.Chalkboard Numbers

We have all seen how our kids want to act like their teachers. Why not use this to make children learn numbers. All you will need is some chalkboard and coloured chalks. Now write numbers on the board and teach it to children. Once they have learnt, let the roles reverse and let them be the teacher teaching; you numbers. This way, they will get the joy that they played the teacher while simultaneously revising all the numbers they learnt. Another way of teaching kids number using the chalkboard is to make tiny little dots on the board and then teaching them to form numbers by connecting the dots.  You can also draw objects on the board and teach children the numbers, for example, if you want to teach the number five, you draw five flowers on the board.

4.Use Technology

Take the help of youtube to teach your child number songs or number rhymes. There are plenty of these available on the web. You can also use flashcards to teach children numbers by teaching children to arrange the flashcards in increasing order or numbers or decreasing order. You can also use these to teach children the phone numbers of the emergency contacts, whether it is you, your husband/wife or even essential services like an ambulance.

While teaching numbers, please remember that children will learn at their own pace. Shanti Juniors request parents to not to compare the learning speed of one child with another because each child is unique and different. Be patient.


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