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Shanti juniors Maninagar is one of the best preschol in Maninagar.Our environment is a calming space that offers our families the chance to leave the noise. Hygiene equipment & food service must provided. We makes sure that the children are given immense happiness,complete freedom and required encouragement and guidance, So that their young minds grow and blossom in the fun environment of the pre school....

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    Five Reasons Why Preschool is Good for Your Child

    It is their first step on the path of learning. The education provided at preschool can help children develop. Research shows that children who atten...

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    Four Reasons to Let Your Child Get Messy

    But research shows that getting messy is one of the best ways for children to learn and grow. Mentioned below are four reasons to let your child get ...

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    5 Things you should Give Your Children during the Heat Wave Most parts of our country are experiencing a particularly dreadful summer this year. The blazing sun makes it impossible to venture out of the house even into the courtyard. For kids, this means staying and playing indoors. We can help children remain cool externally with air conditioners, air coolers and with regular showers but the body needs to be cooled down internally too. This is crucial as it can play a key role in saving children from dehydration and heatstroke. Mentioned below are five things that parents should give their children during a heatwave to keep them cool internally: 1.Curd: Easily one of the best things to give a child in heated summers not just because of its cool nature but more so because of its nutritional benefits. Curd has probiotic bacteria, also known as good bacteria which can be helpful for the body. Since curd is made from milk predominantly, it is full of calcium, Vitamin D, healthy gut bacteria and protein. You can give it as an accompaniment to usual lunch or dinner or can give it as a snack by making Shrikhand or even serving your child’s favourite fruit with curd or by making a curd cheese dip accompanied with some veggie sticks and crackers. Why not take the benefit of mango season and make mango flavoured Shrikhand with curd? Sounds delicious already. 2.Watermelon: Red, juicy and cooling

    The blazing sun makes it impossible to venture out of the house even into the courtyard. For kids, this means staying and playing indoors. We can hel...

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    4 Ways to Teach Seasons to Children

    A change in season affects the adults as well, but for children, it might be a different story altogether. Children at an early age are not aware of ...

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    8 Ways to Teach Self-Help to Preschoolers

    Children should be taught independence from the very beginning. Independence makes the children feel confident and encourages them to take responsibi...

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    4 Indoor Movement Activities for Preschoolers

    However, this can be particularly tough when the country is on lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic and children are being exposed to massive risk by go...

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