We've been reading some amazing #Momstories, and we’d like to share one such story from Ms. Hetal Mistry! Ms. Hetal Mistry, a house wife, shares her view on how she got badly stuck up like any other mom would. Read out till last for what happened..

Hi, This is Hetal, I am a housewife staying in Kadi near Ahmedabad. I have a son named Aarav who is super-active and finds any damn thing around him which makes his mind strike. Toys, Mobile, Watch, Vegetable Chopper and what not.

I guess, we also get addicted with such tiny things in our life out of no logic. Aarav use to happily time out the day exploring such odd things of the house.

Often, a child gets insane for such an odd thing which we never realize. We feel, “Oh God! Is he craving for this thing”. May be yes, for him it becomes life and he can’t imagine his day or night without that thing.

I was worried like any other parent would, when my child got stuck with that one thing. "DENIM", Yes, you heard it right. I don’t know from where, he got stuck up with the pair of jeans.

Thankfully, Aarav isn’t a gadget maniac and never showed keen interest for youtube and games. But to my surprise he landed up to this denim. I and Aarav worked very hard convincing each other, but he was more firm than me for wearing pair of jeans.

A child of 4 years shouldn’t be wearing denims all time. I was confused how to drag him out of that addiction box. I kept counseling myself to re-drive him.

I started worrying and then I gave up and I allowed him to wear it. He was happy and soon, he came down to the satisfaction level from a Cloud-9 level. Gradually after a fortnight, he started exploring other things like his earlier daily routines. I felt relaxed finally.

And not longer, once again this time he got stuck up with the set of 6 color mugs in my kitchen.

I realized that day that I was unduly worried. We just need to check the things our child gets hooked shouldn’t be dangerous to her/him physically and emotionally. Else, it’s their normal learning process which we should appreciate. A child always has add-on different perspectives and utility for any that thing than what it’s actually made for.

Wherein, stopping them would make them more aggressive and it will occupy their mind for that particular hurdle created by us.

Let’s learn to smile from their smile and let’s not dump our Ego on them. Let them explore the way they love to!

I witnessed that development in my Aarav, you shall too!