The Effects of Technology on Early Childhood development:

A few months back we saw a video on YouTube where a child aged 1-year was sitting in front of a fashion magazine- gaming, touching and swapping the page with her fingers in an effort to move the images.

Again one more such incident which made one of our researchers to stop and compelled her to give a thought – “she saw a girl aged 5 years in a movie theatre last week, who didn’t like the movie being played on the huge screen so she irritatingly asked her mom, “where is the remote? Why don’t you change the channel it’s so boring! “Now this episode did initiate a laughter blast amongst the parents and people around but it left our researcher to give a thought for sure.

Is our young generation so habituated to technology that they believe their likes and dislikes can be easily and quickly controlled just at a click or by simply pressing a button?


The effect of touch screens and other electronic devices on young children is an explosive issue. Kids are very responsive to the kind of stimulation they get from video games. The digital industry has responded with apps for babies and preschoolers and such technology is now available even at preschools.

Our concern must be with the negative effects on those children whose parents are unable to put down their phones, tablets and laptops. Now these babies intently watch their parents doing so and simply assume and adapt to the same activity to have their own entertainment as well.

At Shanti Juniors, I-Cube Learning Ladder is implemented for kids to induce age appropriate curiosity and thinking in a child’s mind which will create a rational and positive creativity in them. At Shanti Juniors Preschool we have blended technology wisely to enhance the education for young toddlers via our new app, ”Juniors App Learn”. Shanti Juniors launches first time in India, the app-based curriculum, where all the worksheets and academic aids have been developed on interactive App in the form of Games & Puzzles.

Now, Your Child will play and learn faster than any other child & No need to Worry about Your Child being addicted to the Gadgets.

Parents, Have you ever succeeded of keeping your child away from your smart phones and tablets? Well, I know you must have tried a lot but your child must be addicted to that Gadget. Now, Shanti Juniors brings a relief and a good news that your child will learn, score and develop with our exclusively customized app, which is based on our curriculum and worksheets. “Juniors App Learn” is the gateway of learning in the form of games & puzzles.

Though there is no better substitute for sitting with your children at the end of the day, listening and sharing daily routines, reading out a story to them or even playing a simple game but let us admit that, technology, if used wisely by parents/ educators can be really helpful for the child.