Parenting tips and more about child nurturing.

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Happy Toddlers

Happy Toddlers

Interesting stories, activities, and happenings.

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Healthy Me

Healthy Me

Insightful tips on Child growth and development.

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Safety and Hygiene at Shanti Juniors

Children are the future. They are the most valuable resource we have. It is necessary to take care of their safety and hygiene at all times. The safe...

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Phonics Advice for Parents

Children need to understand letter sounds and how they blend before they can begin any essential phonics curriculum. The ultimate aim of giving phoni...

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10 Important Manners & Etiquettes Every Child Should Be Taught

It is one of the most important qualities you can empower your children with. Manners and etiquettes are the seed you plant when the child is young ...

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It’s All About Prioritizing your Children

They are the priceless treasures that have a special way of adding joy to everything. They are the hand by which parents can get hold of a piece of h...

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6 Tips for Parenting In The Digital Age

With these, children can surf the web at any time of the day, at any given hour from anywhere. And like everything else, there are advantages and di...

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Taking Care of a Child’s Mental Health

They can take care of his physical needs; what food the child eats, what time is bedtime, and to take the child to a doctor in case he/she gets sick ...

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