Five Tasty Winter Recipes Your Children will Love

Five Tasty Winter Recipes Your Children will Love

Five Tasty Winter Recipes Your Children will Love!


As the winter months approach, every parent is on the quest to find the answer to the inevitable question from children ‘Mom, what’s for lunch? And god forbid, if you told your children that it’s the usual roti sabzi dal rice, you will be welcomed with disapproving looks. We are not saying that you shouldn’t give the wholesome roti sabzi dal rice to children. Of course, you should, but maybe whip up something they would love to eat for either lunch or dinner and serve the nutritious roti sabzi dal rice for the remaining meal.

To make things easier for parents, we bring for you five tasty winter recipes that will leave the plates clean and leave your kids wanting more.

1.    Soup: There is nothing like a warm bowl of soup to warm ourselves up during winters. You can give children the favourite tomato basil soup with cheese shredded on the top or vegetable clear soup or sweet corn soup are also good alternatives. The best part about soups is you can add any vegetable, crush it and your child will never know about it. If your child wants to add an element of crunch to it, add breadcrumbs or noodles to it.

2.    Mac & Cheese: Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? Mouthwatering. Your kids will love themselves a big serving of mac and cheese. And if you want to make a healthier version of it, you can always search the web.

3.    Mexican Burrito Bowl: All the goodness of vegetables in one bowl. In a bowl add a portion of Mexican rice [loaded with vegetables], add some salsa on a side, some grilled corn, a dollop of sour cream and some nachos. We promise you your kids will love it.

4.    Vegetable Noodles: Ask a kid if he/she likes noodles and you will hardly find a kid that doesn’t. You can make some Chinese noodles in the wok with cabbage, red, yellow and green bell peppers or you can make spaghetti in tomato sauce with vegetables and cheese. Noodles will always win.

5.    Stuffed parathas: Nothing as fulfilling as parathas for a meal. The alternatives for stuffed parathas are endless. You can make paneer chilli parathas, mix vegetable paratha, corn capsicum parathas. Add a bit of cheese just so you can name it cheese parathas to make it exciting for children.  You can also make some sweet parathas made of dal and jaggery. Make sure you cook them in ghee to ensure children get the goodness of ghee. Ghee is anyways healthier than oil!

And if your kid wants to indulge his/her sweet tooth, then the evergreen gajar ka halwa is the best alternative. Loaded with ghee, nuts and milk, it has everything your child should be consuming in winters. Between meals, give your child some dry fruits including cashews, almonds, walnuts to munch on. They are tasty and have all the essential nutrients needed to boost up your child’s immunity.  You can even make your own granola with dry fruits!



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