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Is your child in Playgroup or Playgroup 2.0?


The best part of the “Start” is that you can start it from wherever you want to. At Shanti Juniors, our academic and early childhood education team works closely over the basics and core knowledge. We adapt the curriculum based on their evolution and engagement factor. The right start is the essential for a child. The children gather themselves a bunch of knowledge in the right environment.

Kiddowitty is one of the innovative kits we provide to the children to encourage STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths). Well, here comes the interesting part. The child unconventionally learns the mentioned subjects; as they’re engaged and lost in the activities. That’s the power of Kiddowitty.

Like a child making a balancing scale, Yes, you can visualize the process of making a scale, where a child will learn craft, science, maths, art, engineering and s/he shall feel a responsibility to assemble and make it work till its ultimate purpose. It makes them passionate to keep creating things. Kiddowitty is based on “Fun to Learn” and “DIY” – Do it yourself approach.


Let the child create something practical instead of teaching them in a conventional and stereo-type method. The child will love the science forever. 🙂


We’re just around you, Call now on 99796 66660 for admission 2022-23.

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