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Is your child a fussy eater? No Problem


Hey Parents,



As We’re initiating the process towards a healthy academic year, we thought to invite a renowned nutritionist Ms.Sohini Shah, BS, RDN (Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist- USA). She is a revered RDN (registered dietitian and nutritionist ~American Dietetic Association- USA). She has graduated with a degree in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition with a specialization in Dietetics.

She has been practicing in Ahmedabad since 2010 and counseling individuals. Her domain knowledge and enthusiasm makes eating healthy a delicious experience especially for children.


She has some instant tips for your children. (Aged 1-6 years)


Since kids have maximum nutrition needs, adequate nutrition is extremely important for a child to reach his/her own potential for growth, development and health

Timings of meals and snacks need to be regulated and encourage your children to have meals and snacks at the same time everyday, this will help with better concentration levels and leave them less cranky

Include seasonal and local fresh produce and a variety of grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables on a daily basis

Ensure to give your child 2-2.5 cups (200 ml) of milk or curd on a daily basis (unless they are lactose intolerant)

Kids have very small stomachs, so every bite of food counts

Every child can be a fussy eater, don’t encourage the fussiness. It takes a child almost 20 times to try a new food/ ingredient before they actually start liking it

Be a good role model to the child and be patient.


  • Healthy ideas for meals and snacks
  • Moong daal chilla with spinach
  • Moong daal chilla with hummus and salad served as a wrap
  • Burrito Bowl: a combination of rice, rajma and vegetables, salad and salsa
  • Spinach, mushrooms, and green onion sandwich
  • Carrot, green onion, and coriander paratha (with multigrain flour) served with raita
  • Chickpea or green chana salad


Nutrients of concern for kids:

Iron: red lentils, dates, spinach, fortified cereal, broccoli

Calcium: dairy such as milk, curd, buttermilk

Zinc: Eggs, milk, whole grains

Vitamin A: carrots, peppers, peaches, mangoes, dark green leafy veggies, sweet potatoes, papaya,

Folic acid: fresh fruits, salads, vegetables, strawberries, spinach


Wow! Isn’t that awesome? We thank you Ms.Sohini for such an useful and applicable tips. Oh Yes, She’s approachable and accessible with her expertise in her subject.


you can get in touch with her on and her Instagram Handle is @sohini_healthdesign


Share this email to your friends and colleagues who’re troubled with the eating habits for their children. That’s what we teach to our children at Shanti Juniors – “Sharing is Caring” 


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