Five Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

Five Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

Five Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Child!

As parents, we want the absolute best for our children. We want our children to grow up to be respectful and empathetic individuals. For this, we must teach children all the essential values and life lessons. Because for children, parents are their first teachers, guides as well as a friend. Therefore what we teach our kids sets the path for how they grow up to be as individuals.

 Mentioned below are five things every parent should teach their child:

1. Courage to Do What’s Right: Sometimes, there is a very thin line between right and wrong. And it’s easy to slip. But as parents, we must teach children to stand up for what’s right. Courage and bravery to do what’s right is amongst the top things parents should teach their child. The best way to teach children the same is by setting an example ourselves. We have to make sure we as parents are always speaking up for what is right and putting our foot down against what’s wrong. Teach kids to apologize when they are wrong and forgive when they are wronged.

2.Honesty: We are taught from a young age that honesty is the best policy. Teach children to be honest regardless of what is at stake. Tell them that one lie leads to another lie and before we realize, we are stuck in a vicious circle of lies with no way of getting out visible.


3.Importance of Hard Work: The power of hard work should not be underestimated. Teach children that it is only with determination and perseverance that they can conquer even the hardest of hurdles. Teach children that they can achieve anything that they set their mind on if they work hard and believe in their abilities. 

4. Value for Money: We must teach children that money does not grow on trees. Money can enable us to pursue our goals, make the optimum utilization of opportunities, and become independent. Budgeting and teaching children how to save money are crucial life lessons all children should be taught from a young age.

5.Basic Cooking and Cleaning Skills: In case you are late from work or stuck in some chores, your child should not go hungry. Teach children how to fix a sandwich or make a quick cold salad in case you are busy with work. Keep veggie sticks cut and handy so children can have them with healthy mayonnaise or some pre-made dip. Cleaning should also be taught to children. Teach children the importance of cleanliness and hold them responsible for keeping their toys in place as well as for cleaning their room.

While the above-mentioned things are important, Shanti Juniors believes teaching children to love themselves just as they are is equally important. Self-love is something we should instil in children from a young age. The benefits of self-love are multiple. It helps children in becoming confident and teaches them to believe in themselves come what may. Teach your child that he/she should be just as kind with others as she is with herself and vice versa. This will automatically instil kindness in children as they will understand that they would like to be treated with respect and empathy.

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