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Shanti Juniors Ghodasar is most preferable Pre-schools in Ghodasar. We provide best environment for child to Grow & age-appropriate learning with fun. early childhood care and education programs in a caring and loving environment. air conditioned class room and CCTV in build for safety of children is our priority. We have made sure that all areas accessible to children are free from the hazard at all times. Our preschool has arranged van fa

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Six Soft Skills Every Child Should Have

Some of these skills include self-control, communication, listening skills, as well as basic manners. Parents should utilize the time children spend ...

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Four Ways to Nurture Compassion In Little Boys

It is programming, an inbuilt notion that children are fed from a young age. And no we aren’t blaming parents. But, it is high time we change this no...

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But, repetition needs to be done creatively. It is the teacher’s job to find innovative ways to teach children concepts in such a way that it becomes...

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Establishing Teacher-Student & Teacher-Parent Bonds in Digital Times

The fine line of balancing screen time is sometimes difficult to achieve. The job of a teacher becomes a little more complicated due to the lack of f...

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Teaching numbers to children can be pretty simple if done in the right way. The trick is to incorporate numbers into the daily life and schedules of ...

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Five Tasty Winter Recipes Your Children will Love

We are not saying that you shouldn’t give the wholesome roti sabzi dal rice to children. Of course, you should, but maybe whip up something they woul...

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