Loving Your Child Confidently

Loving Your Child Confidently

Loving Your Child Confidently!

“Parenting is the easiest thing to have an opinion on, but the hardest thing in the world to do”    -Matt Walsh

We live in surroundings; where we are constantly under the scrutiny, everything we do is being checked and every move of ours being judged. For someone who is a parent, this becomes twice more difficult because the person is not just being judged by his/her behaviour but also that of his/her child. In the nervousness of always being scrutinized and judged, we often forget that every child is different. You have every right to do what is right for your child. After all, it is the parents who know what’s best for their young children.

As parents, we are constantly beating ourselves up mentally thinking how we just are not doing enough for our children, wondering how we can raise better humans, how we can love our children more and give them all the happiness that the world has to offer.

Want to be a more confident parent? We have you covered. Read on to know more about loving your child confidently.

First things first; we all love our children deeply, and don’t want them to face any hindrances or troubles in life and wish that we can hold their hand while they wander through the maze called life and ensure they don’t get lost. But if we keep intervening, how will children learn? Trust your parenting skills and let children do what they can do on their own. This includes getting a plate for them to eat in or putting the toys back in the cupboard. Let children do what they can do. As a parent, it will make you feel uncomfortable, and probably will bring anxiety but please allow children to do some tasks on their own. Sow the seeds of independence from the very beginning.

Children might not listen to you but, they are always observing, noticing and imitating you. Make sure you are on your best behaviour. Children pick anxiety and worry about their parent’s behaviour. So, if your child has a test the next day and if you allow your emotions to wash over you, your child will know that you are worried. Now chances are that he/she has prepared everything and is going to ace the test but, since you are worried, he/she will begin doubting if every topic was covered and if he/she will be able to do good in the test. Don’t doubt your child’s capacities. If you are going to give the children something, why not give confidence instead of worry right?

Here’s a pro tip: The best way to feel confident about your parenting is by acting confident. Its tricking the brain. If you are particularly worried about something with your child, begin acting all calm and composed as you try finding the solution to the problem. You will soon notice that you are less worried than you previously were.

Children tend to feel more confident when they realize they know something their parents don’t. Use this as an opportunity to help children more confident about themselves. Let them teach you how to download a particular app or control the air conditioner using the phone or anything along these lines. They get a boost of confidence when they are on the teaching side rather than the learning side. A parent will take pride in his/her confident child leading the parent’s confidence to rise. The parents are then able to believe in their parenting skills and abilities better.

Children are our greatest treasure. They reinvent the world for their parents. Being with them and spending time with them has the power to heal the soul. Don’t let anyone question or doubt your parenting. You are doing the best you can and have the best intentions in heart for your children. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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