Five Effective Memorization Techniques

Five Effective Memorization Techniques

Five Effective Memorization Techniques!


Our brain functions in mysterious as well as magical ways. We often tend to forget things that are important and end up remembering things that are not important. So how can we train the brain to remember?

The key is to keep the brain active. The less we try to memorize information, the lazier the brain gets. However, if the information is engaging, living, active or colourful and even seems remotely interesting to us, the brain makes efforts to store this information. This means that whatever information we want to remember, we have to make it interesting for the brain. A method of easily remembering information is by employing memorization techniques which is basically tricking the brain to remember information through an easy way.

Mentioned below are five effective memorization techniques to help you and your child both store and recall information in a better and easier way.

1. Mnemonic Device

A mnemonic device is a device that helps in retention as well as retrieval of information. There are various forms of mnemonic devices. The most common one is ‘My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas’. The first letters of every word in the sentence are the first letters of the names of the nine planets being Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

2.Mnemonic Shape Peg System

This method can be useful in teaching numbers. This memorization technique uses a method that has objects that are similar to the shape of a given number. For example

1- Candle
2- Swan
3- Butterfly
4- Boat

Another form of this method is rhyming the words with the number. For example; one and bun, two and zoo, three and three, four and door.

3. Stories

If the adults are asked which stories they remember, chances are they will answer that they remember all the stories. This is because our brain loves stories because it has all qualities of information that our brain loves primarily being engaging, entertaining and painting a colourful picture. The advantage of stories is that it develops creative imagination in children.

4. Memory Place

The memory place is a memorization technique that is both fun and easy to use. This technique involves associating a location that you are familiar with, this could be the way to your house or the rooms in your home. Let’s say you choose the entrance to your house. Now if you are trying to remember a list of things to be brought from outside which includes milk, newspaper, cookies, and vegetables then you associate each item with a place in the house. For example, milk at the door, newspaper lying on the rack in the entrance, whereas cookies and vegetables lying on the table leading to the entrance.

5. Repetition

This might sound too common and known but it does not mean it is any less effective. They say practice makes a man perfect. The same goes for information. Repetition of information is one of the most known memorization techniques. If you don’t believe us, just ask your children how clearly they remember their favourite cartoon episode or how you remember your favourite movie because you repeatedly saw it. The same applies to information as well. Information repeatedly read is easier to remember and recall.



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