5 Simple Steps to Get Your Kids to do Schoolwork From home

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Kids to do Schoolwork From home

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Kids to do Schoolwork From home!


The Covid-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for both parents and children. One of the challenges is from an academic point of view as the schools are now working digitally. This has meant that the kids of all ages are to use an online platform to study. And apart from that, the students are also supposed to do schoolwork in the times of COVID-19. The teachers teach the concept in the class and based on that schoolwork or homework, is done by the student. Students need to do their schoolwork post the lecture, which was earlier done at school. Apart from time issues, children are also reluctant to do such work.

To enable you to tackle the problem, we present before you 5 simple strategy to employ in such circumstances:


1.Make it A Competition

Kids often are motivated and feel threatened by competition. To encourage the child to do their schoolwork, a competition between the child and the parent can be set to time-bound the work to be done. This will not only create interest in the children to do the Homework as long to adult continue to lose in the competition with them.



Children more often than more love rewards. The rewards could be anything from additional chocolate or more time to play etc. Such a so condition will ensure that children do the homework possibly well and accordingly allow a non-fuss homework time.


3.Linking TV time with Homework


One of the frequent reasons for children not to do homework is tk watch the television. Parents can negotiate with their children to ensure that TV time comes only after studies of both. This measure will allow the children to work on the homework as soon as possible..


4.Creating a Schedule

A schedule will go a long way in helping your child do your homework but also in order to increase their productivity. The child will know beforehand on a daily basis on what is to be dome when. This allows them to agree to such schedules. Through scheduling, the child is encouraged to get more independent which should even help the mothers in the long run.


5.Explore the Subject

 Children are naturally curious by subject and want to know everything. Parents can use storytelling as a means to help them with their curiosity and homework. The child will want to do the subject as the story or other activities to motivate them as well as it will allow them to understand the subject better.


The world around us is changing and constantly evolving. A correct step at the correct time can often be the difference between a curious student and a studious student. The activities described here will allow you some respite and also allow the student to understand the practical value of studying. We at Shanti Juniors are trying to collaborate with the teachers and student as well as local communities to ensure that homework is the stress less affair as if should be and help the child grow.



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