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YOU DESERVE THE HIGHEST SALARY.! Yes, that’s what Manushi Chillar said – Mother’s deserve the highest salary…Indeed! India recently got the Miss World crown back to the country after a long wait of 17 years. All thanks to the amazing answer by the winner, Manushi Chillar on Mothers. “All mothers sacrifice so much for their kids. So, I think it is the job of a mother that deserves the highest salary.” Said Manushi, amid cheers! Indeed, Shanti Juniors truly stand by her words and strives in providing opportunities to empower Motherhood! Mother – a woman who sacrifices everything for the sake of children and family, be it her sleep, her food, her time, her career or her peace of mind. We know mothers who have even gone beyond this. Don’t you believe it? Yes, Many of our preschool partners, teachers and staff have become financially independent and their routine is far interesting than any other woman. Many such enthusiasts have come out of a saturated block. Shanti Juniors respects the multiples roles of women in every walk of life and believes every woman deserves a chance to be independent! So, how about balancing the two: raising awesome kids along with working for your contentment. Start your own preschool and it can surely serve the purpose of Having a healthy family life along with having a successful entrepreneur Career !! And yes, we have reasons to say that! Here are our top 6 reasons as to why many women chose to be an Edupreneur with Shanti Juniors – one of the best preschool franchises in India 1. Flexible working hours 2. Low investment and high profitability 3. Organising your personal life while learning the business 4. Your chance to contribute towards the betterment of society 5. Create jobs and become an employer to the deserving people 6. You earn immense respect within the society & your network 7. Unlock the source for multiple knowledge and skills development of self and others We are honored to be a brand which is driven by more than 80 % of women. So give yourself a new life, Give a chance to yourself and be independent by joining hands with Shanti Juniors – the most preferred preschool of India. Talk to our experts and get a better vision on being an entrepreneur and starting a preschool franchise in India – a low investment and high return business.


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