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Ten fun things to do with your child on a holiday

Ten fun things to do with your child on a holiday


If a holiday comes before or after a weekend, children are the most excited because they get holidays, a mini-vacation, a brief period away from school and its routine. For them, it brings excitement and happiness but for the parents, it is accompanied by slight worry because there is often a lack of activities that they can indulge and keep their child interested in. 


If you are a parent reading this, you know exactly how it feels. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you out. We compiled a list of ten fun things parents can do with their children. So let the fun begin! 


1. Trip to the supermarket: Let your child accompany you to the supermarket. It can be fun as well as a learning experience for them. You can take them to the vegetable and fruit section and teach them the names, seasons they are available in and maybe add two benefits to encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables. End the trip with a treat that your child loves. 


2. Magazine picture hunt: Have a child at home on a holiday and don’t know how to keep them entertained? We have you covered. Take a stack of magazines and find ten objects in these magazines. Give your child the magazines and ask them to find the ten objects in the pages of the magazine. Sounds interesting right? Although, don’t forget to keep a reward handy for your child.


3. Chalk wall: How many times have you had to restrict your child from drawing on the walls? Multiple times, we know. Imagine their glee and excitement when you give them a wall to draw on? All you need is some chalks and a wall in the backyard. Let your child bring out the artist in them and make a masterpiece on the wall with the chalk. The best part of this activity is that parents don’t have to worry about the wall getting spoiled. Chalk is easy to get off from walls, some water, and clothes are all that’s needed to clean the wall. Join in the drawing with your child. 


4. Indoor animal race: Every child has animal figurines of various sizes. Here’s a great way to get your child to play with the animals. Take some coloured tape and make a jungle in your room complete with a pond area and roads. You can even add a resting area where some animals rest while your child plays with the other. The tape can come off easily and this game will keep your child occupied for some time too. To make it more interesting, invite some of your child’s friends over and let them join you in having an animal race. 


5. Bake cookies or a cake: There is no child who does not love cookies and cake. Baking with your child is a great way to spend quality time with your child. Let them help you out in baking. Whether it is mixing the batter, sprinkling chocolate chips or pouring that yum ganache over the cake, let your child join in the baking. Their reaction when they taste the cake and have that look of satisfaction that they helped in making it will be priceless. We promise!

6. Trip to the bookstore: Books have the power to take adults as well as children to a different world, merely by reading. Books are portable magic. A trip to the bookstore will be exciting for your child as he/she can explore various books and take their pick. Many bookstores even have activities for children going on during the holidays. Your child can participate in these activities. Parents can indulge in some reading too while the child reads at the bookstore. 


7. Movie marathon: Pick an age-appropriate movie for your child, set the temperature of the room to warm and comfortable or cold in case its blazing summer, arrange some additional pillows on the sofa or spread a carpet on the floor, prepare popcorn and some snacks and keep it in a bowl and the stage for the perfect movie time is set. Today there is no shortage of animated movies for children; The lion king, The jungle book, Adventures of Tintin, etc. So many choices for your child to choose from! 


8. Teach your child how to make paper planes or boats: All you need is some newspaper and a pair of scale and scissors. You are sorted. It is one of the easiest things to make. But it’s a learning process with fun accompanying it. It is the perfect way to encourage your child to be creative. Once they learn how to make the boats and planes, you will soon find your kids teaching their friends how to make paper planes and boats with pride. 


9. Build a fort: All of us have fond memories of building a fort out of empty cardboard boxes or pillows and blankets. Whether it's rainy, cloudy or full of sunshine, it is never a dull day to make forts. They are extremely cozy…add some books inside and join your child in the fort. It’s a sure shot way to cure their boredom problems. 

10. Planting herbs for the kitchen garden: Planting can be an easy gardening activity that parents can do with their child. Parsley, Basil, Coriander are some herbs that can be grown for the kitchen garden with ease. Let your child help you sow the seeds, give them the responsibility to water the plants every day. They will be fascinated by the growth of the plant and will take pride in that they grew a plant.


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