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Six Benefits of Playing With Play-Dough

Six Benefits of Playing With Play-Dough

 If there is anything popular with children of all ages, it is play-dough. Play-dough is loved by all and is often a child’s favourite thing to play with. It is soft, squishy and can be transformed into anything. The beauty of playing with play-dough is that children are never discouraged by their creation as something can always be made out of play dough. Children can never go wrong playing with play-dough. 

Six benefits of playing with play-dough are:

Fine Motor Development

Playing with play-dough involves the fingers and hands, which leads to the strengthening of hand muscles. Children roll, squish, flatten, cut and shape play dough in a way engaging all the hand's muscles. This leads to the development of fine motor skills in children.

Improved Writing Skills

Playing with play-dough makes the ability of children to clasp and hold things better. Their grip is improved. An improved grip leads to the enhancement of writing skills as children can hold the pen/pencil/crayon with ease. 

Encourages Imagination & Creativity

The possibilities of creation are endless with play-dough. It’s like working on a fresh plain canvas where the possibilities of creation are multiple. Their imagination and creativity are encouraged as they imagine what they want to create with the play-dough and work to bring the imagination to reality in a creative manner.

Initiates Curiousity

Children observe a lot; they may see an object, and try to replicate creating it with play-dough. When children use play-dough; they become fascinated when they find out that mixing two colours of play dough can lead to third coloured play-dough. This leads to their curiosity to know more about the process and the object.

Increased Concentration

Using play-dough and creating objects with it requires the child to sit in one place and focus. The more involved they are, the more focused they will be. This will lead to an increase in concentration and perseverance.

Therapeutic And Soothing Activity

If your child is often restless and cranky, give him/ her some play-dough to play with. Playing with play-dough helps in reducing stress and a wonderful way of decreasing anxiety in children.  Also, it will lead to the release of excess energy and help children focus better.


Play-dough is a fantastic educational toy that every house and classroom should be equipped with. Play-dough is a great way to ensure that children have countless fun. So the next time your children ask to play with play dough, don’t just encourage them. Instead, join in the fun! 




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