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Physical activity is the Need of the hour for Children

Physical activity is the Need of the hour for Children

With the technological age truly setting in, children are now hooked to phones and tablets. Today it is no rare sight to see children lazing around on the sofa all day, moving only to get food or use the loo. Encouraging children to play out and sit inside less is a challenge in itself. All they want to do is play on their electronic devices. This is one of the most harmful habits a child may develop. For lack of physical activity can lead to obesity, delays in child development, high blood pressure and various other issues. To prevent this, it is crucial to ensure that your child gets some sort of physical activity. Let’s be clear, physical activity does not mean playing catch in the house. Physical activity necessarily means outdoor activities. It means the opportunity to go out and run, move around and play with friends. Physical activities lay down the roots of a healthy and active life.

When children go to preschool, what they look forward to the most is the chance to play. That is the biggest benefit to them of going to preschool. But why should playing be limited to preschool time only? A parent should pro-actively include outdoor playtime in the child’s schedule. Sign up your child for sports like tennis, badminton, or football. Any outdoor activity is good as long as it is age-appropriate for your child. Most parents think their child is too small to be enrolled in sports activities. But encouraging children to participate in outdoor activities from a young age will benefit the child immensely. Children who engage in physical activity during their childhood are likely to be more active even after they grow up and mature. 


We at ‘Shanti Juniors’ understand the importance of physical activity in a preschooler’s life. To motivate our children to indulge in outdoor activities, we have a special area dedicated to outdoor play having structures for climbing, balancing, complete with a sandpit. We have our ‘healthy me’ initiative where snack tables made by professional nutritionists are provided to parents to take care of the nutritional needs of our toddlers. If children eat right, they will have the energy to play outside, and that is our aim.


They say ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The truth is it leads to issues that are much bigger than dullness. Encourage your children to be physically active, join them as they play outside. With this, you will not just bond with your children but also set the tone for them leading a healthy and active life. Be your child’s biggest cheerleader!




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