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How to Teach Spellings to Children

How to Teach Spellings to Children

The key to teaching children anything is by making the topic interesting to them. If it’s interesting to children, they will listen with their complete attention and concentrate while it is being taught to them. While the common assumption is that all the learning happens in school, which is not true. An all-inclusive method that comprises of visual memory, spelling memory and communicative writing are effective in helping children learn how to spell words.

The following activities can make the task of learning spellings easier and interesting:

The Alphabet Ball Game: All you need for this activity is a ball and a permanent marker. Write all the letters of the alphabets on the ball. Now stand in one corner of the room and ask your child to stand in another corner of the room. Now throw the ball to them. While throwing the ball, say a word loud. When the ball reaches the child, he/she has to guess the letters constituting the word you said aloud.  Begin with two and three-lettered words and then move on to slightly difficult words.

Letter Hopping: Take a giant chart paper and write out all the alphabetical letters on the paper and layout this chart paper on the floor. Now team up with your child and play the letter hopping game where one of you thinks of a word and says it out loud. The other player has to step and hop on all the letters that form the word said out loud.

Spelling Train: Readout a word loudly and ask your child to write down the first letter. Then you write the second letter and the child writes the third. Keep taking turns writing the letter until the word is completed successfully. If your child already knows some basic words, a slightly complex version of this game can be played where you say a word out loud, and the child has to say a word that begins with the last letter of the word you said.

Writing on the Walls: Don’t worry, this activity does not end up in damaged walls. All of us are well aware of how much children love writing on the walls. Imagine their delight when you allow them to write on walls! Give your child some coloured chalks that can be wiped off from the walls with the help of a wet cloth. Now ask your child to write the spelling of the words you say. The will love the activity since it includes writing on the walls.


A natural instinct as a parent is to help out our children when they are struggling with spelling. However, the above-mentioned methods can be used to make spellings easier for children.



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