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Helping Children Learn Shapes and Colours

Helping Children Learn Shapes and Colours


Learning to identify shapes and colours is an ability that set the roots for a lot of fundamental skills. It is an important part of learning the basics. Learning to identify colours and shapes can help children communicate better. 



Colours: Children can begin fully grasping the concept of colours around the age of two or three. But considering the various shades of a single colour that are available, it can be pretty difficult for a child to learn it all. So it’s best to begin teaching colours to children by including them in their daily activities. For example, you can ask your child to pass you the pillow with the green cover, or let them pick the red or blue tee-shirt that they want to wear. And then you can repeatedly show them the same colour during the day so they get hang of idea of the colour being associated with a variety of objects. Repetition is an effective way to make kids remember things. 


Shapes: Instead of teaching children what shape is, show what it looks like. This will help them in the process of identifying. Use crayons to draw various shapes. Initially help the child by holding his/her hand and drawing the shape for them. Once they have learned, you can let them do it on their own. Begin with easy shapes like triangles, squares, and circles and once they are mastered, move to the complex ones like hexagon, diamonds and cube. 


Begin including shapes in daily life by showing the children how the lid of a bottle is a circle, or how the box of candies is in a triangle shape or the cheese slice is a square. 


Here is a list of activities that can help make the process of learning shapes and colours fun: 


· Create a treasure hunt for shapes and colours. Pick a colour, show it to your child and ask your child to gather 10 things of that particular colour from the house. This will teach them about the colour by learning with doing. The same goes for a shape. For example, ask your child to gather 10 things from the house that is round in shape. To make things interesting; you could mix both colours and shapes…that is to ask your child to find triangle shaped things in the house of the colour red. 

· Take a trip to the grocery store with your child and teach them the colour of various vegetables. Then come back home and ask them to match the vegetables with its coloured crayon. This will brush up the knowledge received from the grocery store regarding colours. 

· You can also play “ I spy with my tiny eye”. Its basically a game where you decide what you are going to look for, a colour, a shape and when you see it, you shout out loud “I spy the colour blue with my tiny eye”. The person with the higher number of colours or objects spotted wins!

· Use colouring books available in the stationery store and help your child colour them. Don’t fuss about the perfect lines or colour going beyond borders. Focus on them learning the colours.

Incorporating shapes and colours in everyday activities is the best way to teach children and give them knowledge about these shapes and colours.


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