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Grandparents: Constant Source of Love, Wisdom & Values

Grandparents: Constant Source of Love, Wisdom & Values


Grandparents or grand angels as they should be rightly called, with silver in their hair and gold in their heart, quickly take one of the most important places in a child’s heart. The mere mention of them brings warmth and a smile to faces. They wait to see you all day and once they do, they feel their day is complete. Nobody can do what grandparents do for their grandchildren. Their lives revolve around their grandchildren. They shower children with endless love and spoil them the best. It feels like they sprinkle stardust all over their grandchildren. In simple words, grandparents are the greatest! They are a little bit of parent, a little bit of teacher and a little bit of best friend all rolled into one superhuman. 


With a rise in the number of nuclear, every child should get the chance to spend time with their grandparents. Grandparents have the power to shape the lives of their grandchildren with their experience. In today’s age, both parents of a child are often working. Due to this, children often feel lonely, bored and left out. Well, grandparents to the rescue! Grandparents are always more than happy and willing to take care of the grandkids. Because for grandparents, children are sheer joy.

There are times when a child is unhappy, disappointed or angry on his/ her parents. They look forward to their grandparents more in these times because nobody can provide them with emotional support and love identical to their parents, perhaps more except the grandparents.

Also, it is comforting for a child to know that if their parents get too angry on them, the grandparents will scold the parents. Grandparents are always team grandchildren.


Various studies show that the values and beliefs imparted by grandparents stay with the child for a long time. They hold on to these values even when they have grown up. It’s their way of feeling the connection to their grandparents after they are long gone. It’s the way children honour their grandparents by carrying their legacy forward, by being the person their grandparents taught them to be. 


Children are always on the lookout for a playmate and grandparents serve as the perfect one. They not just play with the children but also tell them stories that the child loves. Once the child grows up, grandparents are the people the child trusts unconditionally and are not hesitant to open up to them and tell them what is bothering them. And with the experience that grandparents have, the children are sure to find a solution no matter how big the issue may be. 


Children living in a nuclear family always look forward to going to the grandparents’ house the most. Grandparents enrich the lives of their grandkids. If children are the rainbow of life, grandparents are the pot of gold. Grandparents never run out of hugs or cookies. And the best part?


What happens at grandparent’s house stays at their house! Love, care, and wisdom in abundance are always available where the grandparents reside.

Young people need something stable to hang on to — a culture connection, a sense of their own past, a hope for their own future. Most of all, they need whatever grandparents can give them. -Jay Kesler





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