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Fostering Creativity in Children

Fostering Creativity in Children

  A child is full of curiosity. To them, ideas come from everything. For the complete development of a child, creativity is as important as literature. A child has a different way of looking at things and situations. Their way isn’t just simple, many times it is innovative. The minds of children are not contaminated by logic or what can be done and what can’t be done. Their imagination is wild and free. Hence it is crucial to foster creativity in children because the beauty of creativity is that you cannot exhaust creativity. The more it is used, the more it is created.


One of the most effective ways to fostering creativity in children is to provide them with all the resources they would need. It is a must that parents don’t create a hindrance in the child’s creative process by scolding them about how they are making a mess. What may seem like a mess to parents is a child’s creative way of expressing himself/herself. Give them all the art supplies, costumes, a small camera, building material, coloured clay. If possible take them to the art store and let them pick their supplies. A trip to the art store won’t just be a fun outing but children will see all the types of supplies available and they will begin thinking of how to incorporate them in their art. Don't point out which ideas are not good enough and which aren’t feasible. The focus of creative activities should be on the process: generating ideas.  Let them make mistakes and let them fail. By this, they will not just learn from their mistakes but also learn to not let their failure affect their ability to try again.


Few Tips to Fostering Creativity in Children

  • Ask your child to create something from waste. Give them old toys, newspaper pieces, straws, to use them.
  •  Allow the child’s curiosity to determine the speed of learning.
  • Encourage the child to follow his/her interests. Enrol them in art, dance, drama or singing classes. They will look forward to going.
  • Share your love for learning or your interests with the child. This will encourage him/her to be more vocal about their interest.
  • When children ask questions, do not get irritated or annoyed. If you don’t have the answer, inform them that you will get back to them once you know.
  • Take the children to visit zoos, aquariums, museums, technology centres and give them plenty of time to learn about different types of animals or things, asking questions about them.
  • Involve them in activities in the kitchen. Let them help you and help them experiment with ingredients. Getting them their own apron will make them feel a part of the process.

At ‘Shanti Juniors’, we believe in the following words;

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." -- Mary Lou Cook

We encourage children to ask questions. We continuously strive to motivate our tiny tots to take initiative and unfurl their wings of creativity in every way.




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